Education Products

from Fran Kick

  • Sale!Games That KiCK™ Series

    The first six videos in this series with Fran Kick and Frank Crockett cover how to set up, facilitate and most importantly debrief some of their all-time favorite experiential initiatives.

  • Sale!Looking@Leadership Facilitator Kit

    The complete Looking@Leadership facilitator kit (with deck of 200 image cards, video, and facilitator guide) will guide you to discover what represents leadership to you, your organization, and how it impacts what you do.

  • The A,B,C Game is a fantastic way to illustrate how anyone can make things happen and take the lead if they’re willing to pay attention and respond appropriately.

  • 1,2,3 Game eCourse

    The 1,2,3 Game brings to life the “kaizen” approach of continuous improvement. Participants learn how everyone can make an appropriate contribution accomplishing group goals.

  • Status Game eCourse

    In many situations status influences both leadership and teamwork. This game highlights directly and profoundly that too many times we mistakenly “judge books by their covers.”

  • Block Games eCourse

    This creative team-building series of activities, using wooden blocks, highlights the characteristics of teamwork and explores the core values needed for a group to work well together.

  • Trust Games eCourse

    This sequence of trust-building experiences brings a sensible, user-friendly, non-threatening, safe way to help a group understand how trust develops among its members.

  • Tank Game eCourse

    With blindfolds and soft foam-filled balls, this highly interactive and fun game creates a serious lesson for individuals and groups as they learn the difference between “telling people what to do” and “people actually doing it.”

  • Sale!From The 50 Yard Line DVD (Front)

    Fran Kick was interviewed as a part of this award-winning independent documentary film that delivers an emotional, insightful look into the student marching band experience.

  • Sale!What Makes Kids Kick (Series) by Fran Kick

    Two books, by author Fran Kick, combine a comprehensive collection of studies, surveys, research articles and news stories, along with his own anecdotes gathered during two decades of traveling across the U.S. talking with and working with the millennial generation as they grew up as well as the adults in their lives.

  • Sale!

    What Makes Kids Kick @ Home, the second book of the series, builds on the overall framework provided in the first book by detailing what inspires kids specifically at home, while providing pragmatic steps that you can take to reach them, teach them and lead them.

  • Sale!

    Want to know what motivates kids? This book is the first in a series of books designed to provide a compass of thought for educators, parents and others working with today’s postmodern kids.

  • Kick It In & Take The Lead (Front)

    This unique collaboratively interactive student leadership book explores what it takes to develop the self-motivation to really make things happen. It’s definitely action oriented literally, graphically and experientially.

  • Sale!Portfolios Across the Curriculum and Beyond (2nd Edition Front)

    Make authentic assessment work—without all the work! Learn how to use portfolios to enhance your teaching and improve student assessment.

  • Sale!Kick It In Camp DVD (Front)

    Recorded live at one of the largest summer camps in the Midwest, Fran Kick shares his humorous and interactive approach illustrating how everyone has both the opportunity and the responsibility to pay attention, respond appropriately, and get more involved in what’s going on.

  • Sale!Wilmington College Leadership Program Guidebook (Front)

    This Leadership Program Overview & Resource Guide documents and shares a number of perspectives on a different kind of approach to leadership education. It's intent is to give examples of how Wilmington College and the surrounding communities of people, schools and organizations came together to make something happen during 1996-97.

  • This set contains all three videos (on DVD) from the KICK IT IN® Band Series of videos. One for the full band, one for section leaders, and one for directors, staff and teachers.

  • The Self-Perceptions of Self-Concept & Self-Esteem

    Provides a well-written, research-rich, exploration and synthesis of the theories relating to an individual’s self perception.