What Makes Kids Kick@Home

by Fran Kick

Neil Howe photo
I learned a lot—Neil Howe, Co-author of Generations and Millennials Rising

What Makes Kids Kick @ Home builds on the overall framework provided in the first book of this series by Fran Kick about the Millennial Generation. It details what inspires kids specifically at home, while providing pragmatic steps that you can take to reach them, teach them and lead them. While every generation faces a changing world, the author takes into account the specific challenges this generation faces (born 1980–2000±) and the speed at which they face them. As these changes and challenges are vastly different from what previous generations experienced, Fran Kick asserts that current motivational strategies and tactics need to be vastly different as well.

The goal is to help develop students to become self-motivated adults who have an internal, ever-present, self-inspiring motive to make things happen so they can become the next generation of leaders who KICK IT IN & TAKE THE LEAD!