Fran Kick

M.A. Educational Psychology, CSP®

Fran Kick works with educational organizations, nonprofits, associations, and schools that want to develop better leadership and smarter followership.

He is the educational resource to turn to when you want students, and anyone who works with students, to KICK IT IN and TAKE THE LEAD! His dynamic and exciting self-motivational personal leadership presentations have been shared across North America with thousands of university, high school, junior high, and middle school students, plus the many people who work with them.

  • Do you want more of your students, staff, and parents to pay attention and respond appropriately?
  • Wonder how you can create the kind of organizational culture where individuals motivate themselves to make things happen and take the lead?
  • Looking for something that’s different, engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking? Yet always with a research-informed point-of-view that’s designed to help individuals and organizations see opportunities to lead that they didn’t see before?
  • Want to bring more people and ideas together, prioritizing what’s important, so you can create an action-plan to move forward?

Since 1986, Fran Kick has excelled at engaging students plus people who work with students in a variety of rural, suburban, and urban educational settings. Working with 1,000+ domestic and international organizations, schools, summer camps, and companies including Procter & Gamble, the U.S. Army, and the Ohio Department of Education, Fran earned and maintained a 90% retention rate. In other words 9 out of 10 first-time clients bring Fran back for more!

Fran also shares his insights with a variety of associations, conventions, and nonprofit organizations that are actively engaged in teaching and reaching today’s generation of kids. Fran speaks at many state, regional, and national conferences. He also consults with numerous schools, companies, associations, and nonprofit organizations—bringing people and ideas together. Fran will help set direction, activate leadership, and empower both individuals and teams to achieve more. Find out why a growing list of educational clients, organizations, schools, and associations KICK IT IN with Fran Kick by contacting him directly today.

“Picture this: A room full of high school students who are watching intently, listening to every word, on the edge of their seats, their attention glued to the speaker. It certainly is one of my dreams! This is the picture I saw as Fran talked to my students. The image is still fresh in my mind because it was so unbelievable! His program was so wonderful that we are considering having him back to talk to the faculty. Yes, his words are for young and old alike and for any group that I can think of. He speaks about success in life. He speaks about responsibility and commitment. My advice is this: Do whatever you can. Call in every favor. Beg. Borrow. Fund raise. But don’t let the opportunity to have Fran Kick do a presentation go by. I promise you that you will find his words most inspiring.”
Berlin High School
Robert Kelly, Teacher
Berlin High School, Connecticut
“After twenty years of working with students around the world, and sharing the stage with fantastic speakers who bring a substantive message to their audiences, I haven’t experienced anyone who can communicate with such power and passion as Fran Kick.”
Tim Lautzenheiser
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, VP of Education
Conn-Selmer, Inc./Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.
“Coordinating conferences can be highly stressful, but working with Fran Kick was a dream. Through travel delays and conference schedule changes, Fran stayed flexible with a smile on his face!
Oklahoma Literacy Coalition
Angela Spindle, Director
Oklahoma Literacy Coalition
Fran Kick

Certified Speaking Professional designationFran Kick has presented over 3,306 paid presentation in all 50 U.S. states plus six Canadian Provinces to audiences from 40 to 10,800.

Energized and fast-paced delivery of positive ideas!

Jackie Gitman, Executive Director, Jobs for Graduates

Fran Kick
Fran Kick