The A,B,C Game

A full-length how-to-facilitate video + eCourse

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If you want more individuals in your organization to step up and “lead by example” – whether they have a leadership position or title or not – this A,B,C Game is for YOU! In any organization or situation there are some people who make things happen, some people who watch things happen and some people who wonder what’s happening. This A,B,C Leadership Game interactively illustrates that point for participants and challenges them to figure things out for themselves. Allowing them to “lead, follow, or get out of the way” as they learn how to constructively take the initiative to:
  • Pay attention and respond appropriately.
  • Illustrate the concept of “lead by example.”
  • Problem solve as individuals within a group and as a group.
  • Demonstrate three different ways individuals respond within a group.
  • Increase awareness individually and collectively as a group.

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