What Makes Kids Kick

by Fran Kick

Neil Howe photo
I learned a lot—Neil Howe, Co-author of Generations and Millennials Rising

What Makes Kids Kick is the first in a series of books by Fran Kick about the Millennial Generation. Designed as a compass of thought for use by educators, youth group leaders, parents, coaches and others who are currently working with today’s postmodern kids. The book provides a framework though which to view today’s kids by exploring themany influences and inspirational factors that are affecting the Millennial Generation (born 1980–2000±).

Fran Kick has combined a comprehensive collection of studies, surveys, research articles and news stories with his own anecdotes, gathered over two decades of traveling across the country talking and working with kids and the adults in their lives. As entertaining as it is informative, What Makes Kids Kick will get you looking at and thinking about this generation of kids in a new way. It will help you raise, teach, manage, lead and mentor a more self-motivated generation of kids who will have the attitude and skills necessary to KICK IT IN & TAKE THE LEAD!