Games That KiCK™

Series of full-length how-to-facilitate videos + eCourses

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You will save 50% by purchasing access to all 6 Games That KiCK™ eCourses today for only $150! This series with Fran Kick and Frank Crockett covers how to set up, facilitate and most importantly debrief some of their all-time favorite experiential initiatives. Each eCourse or DVD contains both video and PDF facilitator guides giving you an insider’s perspective to playing each of these games. Lessons relate to leadership, team building, trust, group dynamics, communication, cooperation, and many more. You’ll see every step of the activity. You’ll learn what to say, what to do, what to look for, and what questions to ask your group during the debrief. Explore what it takes to make learning more meaningful with Games That Kick!

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eCourses are available to purchase for any size group! And group leaders can monitor individual participant progress. Plus, get a 50% discount when you bulk purchase for 10 or more participants.

Bundle 6 DVDs + 6 PDF Facilitator Guides