The 1,2,3 Game

A full-length how-to-facilitate video + eCourse

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Are you looking for a way to demonstrate the power of continuous improvement within your organization? This 1,2,3 Game illustrates how individuals work together collectively and collaboratively to build synergy, while at the same time improving the process along the way. Bringing to life the “kaizen” approach of creating continuous improvement, participants will learn how everyone can make an appropriate contribution.

  • Demonstrate how group synergy develops.
  • Balance caring for yourself and caring for others.
  • Bring to life the concept of I,Me + We,Us + the World.
  • Challenge people to help others.
  • Accomplish group goals faster and better as more and more individuals help one another.
  • Explore how any group can make things work faster and better.

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Bundle 6 DVDs + 6 PDF Facilitator Guides