Portfolios Across the Curriculum

by Donna Cole, Charles Ryan, Fran Kick, Bonnie Mathies

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Practical advise I could apply—Anna Leahy, Assistant Professor, North Central College, Illinois

Want to learn how to make portfolios work without all the work? Learn how to use portfolios to increase student performance in the classroom. This updated, easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to using portfolios incorporates current teaching practices and technology. It provides an alternative method of evaluating student work that is painless and effective. A Corwin Press Bestseller on the issue of portfolio implementation and authentic assessment!

Teachers want to spend more time teaching and less time assessing. Traditional assessment practices are time-consuming and, too often, don’t reflect the total progress of a student. Portfolio assessment offers a more complete picture of your students’ progress and frees you to be more creative with your students. Portfolios Across the Curriculum and Beyond offers:

  • Clear objectives to guide you through each chapter.
  • Rationale for an alternative to traditional assessment practices.
  • Portfolio guidelines by grade and subject.
  • Technology for enhancing portfolio implementation.
  • Document a more accurate, thorough and fair picture of what students are learning.