A Creative Visual Exploration by Fran Kick

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A complete facilitator kit (deck of 200 image cards, video, and facilitator guide) will guide you to discover what represents leadership to you, your organization, and how it impacts what you do. Everyone sees leadership from a unique perspective and this training tool video/meeting opener with twelve different activities to choose from will help you learn that visually and interactively. A beautiful and insightful way to help you:

  • Experience, share, and inspire a deeper understanding of leadership.
  • Build more meaningful interpretations of what leadership looks like.
  • See how your “mind’s eye” creates connections between people and ideas.
  • Adapt your vision to many individual and organizational learning opportunities.
  • Bring together and compare multiple perspectives of leadership.

All images represent and build on both the research-based theories and real-world realities of leadership.

Bundle PDF Facilitator Guide + DVD + Card Deck + Pack-It™ Tote
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