From The 50 Yard Line

by Blake House Media, Inc.

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This award-winning documentary, From The 50 Yard Line takes the viewer on an emotional ride experiencing what it is like to be in a high school marching band. Join students on a journey through band camp, auditions, the marching season, as well as competing in regional and national competitions during the 2006 season. Get caught up in the story of following these teenagers and see how it changes their lives. You will never look at a marching band the same again. The film was screened in hundreds of cities around the world, winning 18 awards at film festivals, and has been translated into 3 languages. From The 50 Yard Line is also required viewing at several prestigious music universities. Whether you have been in band or not, this film is an entertaining and enlightening viewing experience about high school kids today.

From The 50 Yard Line Film Awards

  • Rhode Island International Film Festival Winner “Audience Choice Best Documentary”
  • Everglades International Film Festival South Africa Winner “Best Documentary (USA)”
  • Trail Dance Film Festival Okalahoma Winner “Best Documentary”
  • Bluegrass Independent Film Festival Winner “Best Family Film”
  • IndieFestUSA Anaheim California Winner “Best Documentary”
  • IndieFestUSA Anaheim California Winner “Best Music Score”
  • Park City Film Music Festival Winner “Best Documentary Gold Award”
  • Columbus International Film Festival Winner “The Chris Award”
  • Treasure Coast International Film Festival Winner “Best Documentary”