Music & Motivation

with Fran Kick

From summer music camp programs to professional music association conventions, Fran Kick inspires both music teachers and music students to be self-motivated to take the lead!

M&M Workshop

Music & Motivation have always been a part of Fran Kick’s life. Whether it was growing up as a trombone player, being a band director for a number of years in Centerville, Ohio with Wayne Markworth, or initially developing the first exclusively online music publishing and distribution web-based company in 1996 which launched in 1997, music has always motivated Fran to KICK IT IN!

Fran Kick's Music-Related Clients While today a majority of Fran’s schedule involves working with all kinds of students and adults, he remains actively involved with a number of music-related organizations who have KICKed IT IN over the years. Ever since taking an educational leave of absence from teaching to pursue his Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, various musical organizations have been a part of and/or hosted a KICK IT IN program.

Topics for presentation themes include:

  • Paying attention and responding appropriately
  • The more you put into it, the more you get out of it
  • What you put into it, is what you get out of it
  • If you’re whining, griping and complaining, having a terrible time—maybe that’s why!
  • Positive attitude vs. negative attitude—you ultimately make the difference
  • Getting involved and cooperatively contributing
  • The discipline of focus and the power of attention
  • Positively reinforcing yourself and others to make positive choices
  • Leading by example—because you can’t lead others until you lead yourself


Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Attitude Concepts For Today, Inc.
I get a real KICK out of watching Fran in action. He's got the right stuff and delivers it in a powerfully positive presentation. After twenty years of sharing the stage with fantastic speakers who bring a substantive message to their audiences, I haven't experienced anyone who can communicate with such power and passion as Fran.Tim Lautzenheiser

Karl Stewart
Baltimore County Public Schools, Maryland
Your keynote address not only inspired all of us to be better administrators/teachers, but it also challenged us to commence the journey of self-reflection and examine our own behaviors through a different set of lenses. The enthusiasm and insight you possess is truly a gift. I wish you all the best as you continue to 'Kick It In' and change the philosophy of education.Karl Stewart

Jennifer Rupp, Executive Director
Brass Band of Battle Creek
I cannot express my gratitude enough for the value and excitement you brought to our youth brass band! I am so excited for next year and looking forward to a long partnership! Thank you! Thank you! Bravo!Jennifer Rupp

Henry Leck, Founder and Artistic Director
Indianapolis Children's Choir
For three hours our singers were completely engaged. You showed through games, how effective a group can be when they work together. You demonstrated how important it is to observe group dynamics and to begin to understand when it is important to be a leader and when to allow others to take a lead role. More important than anything, you taught our kids to reach out, meet new people and grab a hold of life. I am very appreciative that you were able to be a part of this important retreat.Henry Leck

Val Anderson, Director of Operations
Florida Music Educators’ Association
It was a pleasure as always to work with such a professional as yourself. I learn so much each time I hear your presentations. I look forward to working with you more next year and in the years to come. You are an amazing person. I am blessed to have met you. Thanks for all you do for children and adults.val_anderson_50x50

J.R. Snow, Fine Arts Coordinator
Harrisonburg City Public Schools, Virginia
The All-Virginia Band and Orchestra brings together the best and brightest players from throughout the commonwealth in one room. These are also our doctors, lawyers, biomedical researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and CEO's of tomorrow. Having someone to address their value as more than musicians was an essential part of creating a memorable and meaningful experience for our students. Fran Kick brings a high energy, purposeful session that helps students expand their minds and transforms a group of individuals into a cohesive group of learners in a short amount of time. I believe, with my whole heart, that at the end of their experience, these students walked away not only better musicians, but better people and will brighten our world as they carry with them the thoughts and ideas that Fran Kick shared with them.J.R. Snow

Patricia Croft, President
South Carolina Music Educators Association
Thank you so much for the great keynote address you gave at the opening General Session of the 2002 SCMEA Conference! Everyone was excited and motivated by your insightful and highly energetic message.Patricia Croft

Eric Martin, President/CEO
Music for All Summer Symposium
The role you play in the planning and presentation of the Leadership Weekend is vital to its success. Moreover, the planning and execution of the extension of leadership programming and experiences to the full week camp were a complete success. Our record-breaking numbers (over 550 in leadership and almost 1,600 full week participants) also attests to the results of our pre-event planning and marketing efforts.Eric Martin

Scott McCormick
Bands of America
Your work with the Leadership Preview Weekend carried our student programming to new heights. As usual, your own teaching and motivational skills were major hits with participants. Your reviews from Camp (Leadership Preview Weekend) and the DCI Leadership seminars in Murfreesboro and Madison were all outstanding... among the highest received by any clinician at the Symposium!Scott McCormick

David Glasgow, Executive Director
Bluecoats, Inc.
Thanks again for working with all of our section leaders during our pre-season student leadership meetings. After hearing your Marching Roundtable interview, and realizing we had such an outstanding resource so close to our camp location, I had to reach out and call. So glad I did! Your session was outstanding. Having you on-site, at camp, working with our student leaders right before we began our 2016 Spring Training was really great and I hope to work with you for years to come. Thanks for everything you do for DCI and the corps.David Glasgow

Susie Ferreira, Group Experience Specialist
Drum Corps International
It was great to see students so completely engaged during the session. Fran's expertise on leadership and personal responsibility and the way he incorporates those topics into interactive activities, creates an immediate response from all who are participating. For students, parents, and band directors alike, Fran’s energy and passion are contagious.Susie Ferreira

John Fannin
Murray State University, Kentucky
I have known Fran Kick since 1992 as a clinician with my school district, high school band, and the Murray State University Marching Festival. It has truly been inspirational and informational for my colleagues and students. Fran shares insight and direction for maximizing students efforts in all endeavors. His KICK IT IN message is well received and is very concrete. Students come away from sessions with great strategies for changing behaviors into positive action. Fran works well with teachers, student leaders, and entire bands. Groups 5 or 5,000 and people ages 9–90 will benefit from Fran's sessions. I highly recommend Fran for your future sessions.John Fannin

Nancy Ditmer, Music Department Chair
The College of Wooster, Ohio
Thanks for the terrific work you did with our students. We can already see the results and they absolutely loved having you here (as did all of us on the staff).Nancy Ditmer

Scott Rikkers, Assistant Director of Bands
James Madison University, Virginia
Thank you again for joining us at JMU to help kick off (pun intended) our leadership team weekend. Your presentation, as expected, was spot-on... entertaining, informative, inspiring, and engaging. I cannot express how grateful I am for the focus you placed on communication in teaching. It was a perfect way to begin the season, and certainly allowed us an excellent base on which to build throughout the weekend. Thank you for contributing to our process, and we look forward to having you back to JMU in the near future.Scott Rikkers

Robert Foster
University of Kansas
I want to tell you how much we appreciate you being a part of our band orientation program for this new school year, and how pleased we were with your presentations. We are off to a great start! Everyone here feels that this is one of the best bands in the history of the University, and we sincerely believe that we have done a better job of preparing our students for this new year than we have done in the past, and your presentation was certainly one of the positive parts of that program.Robert Foster

Ben Holste, Conference Program Chair
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
Fran, your session with the All-State kids on Friday night as well as the session you held for our general membership Saturday morning were enthusiastically received by all in attendance. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your words, ideas and challenges to students and adults alike were right on target. I have heard nothing but positive comments by those who attended your sessions at this year's In-service Conference.Pennsylvania Music Educators Association

Jerell Horton
Vestavia Hills High School, Alabama
Through the course of life we are blessed to meet people that impact us in unforgettable ways. You have been one of those people for me. I was so proud to have you on my campus today because I believe in your message and what you are doing. Thank you for being a part of our journey.Jerell Horton

Larry Rathbun, Past President
Nebraska State Bandmasters Association
Your sessions not only provided information on helping our students 'take the lead,' but also provided an understanding of how we (as directors) can model that energy and excitement that we want to see in our students.Larry Rathbun

Scott Koter
Kiski Area School District, Pennsylvania
Extremely organized, energetic, humorous, and most importantly, he met the needs of our program. The same day of the seminar, we had a three hour rehearsal and I can honestly say it was one of the best summer practices ever! Fran Kick is not just a lecturer/clinician; but a music educator. He has been in our shoes and has produced some fine bands of his own.Scott Koter

Wayne Markworth
Centerville High School, Ohio
You are the definition of DYNAMIC! It was really fun to watch you in action. Thanks for everything you do for band kids everywhere.Wayne Markworth

Ron Simmons, Executive Director
Macy's Great American Marching Band
Thank you for doing such a nice job with the students. They were engaged and the game with the cards really hit home for all of them. I bet it made some of the adults that were in the room think as well. What a neat way to drive that point home.Macy's Great American Marching Band

Brent Turner, Executive Director
Youth In Music
Fran Kick has the ability to reach a wide demographic with his message, as I experienced at DCI's INpact Band this past summer. The room was full of families with students from middle school through parents and grandparents! It was amazing as he transformed his message into the moment for these families at the end of a long day and sustained their interest to deliver his message. His energy knows no bounds!Brent Turner

Fred & Maureen Morrison, Exec. Dir. & Dir. of Operations
Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps
Thank you again for coming to San Antonio to present to our membership, leadership and staff. Your information was insightful, valuable and we are sure will penetrate the collective consciousness of the 2016 Crossmen, not only in the drum corps life, but also in our daily lives. Fran you have motivated Crossmen not only to be ‘all in’ but to kick it up another notch this season and beyond. Thanks again for a great weekend!Crossmen logo

Kelly Bryan, Manager, Educational Outreach
Conn-Selmer Division of Education, Indiana
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see you in action at the Indiana Music Education Association Collegiate event. It is very apparent that you are passionate about your message and you share it in such a profound and resonate way! Your motivational and inspirational contributions are an important part of the fabric of music education!Kelly Bryan


Details & Setup Requested


Group Size: As few as 40 to audiences as large as 10,800+ Fran Kick interactively inspires people to be self-motivated and develop the personal leadership they need to succeed.

Program Length: Available for 30-, 40-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute presentations for any event as well as 3-hour (half-day) and 6-hour (full-day) for workshops.

Room Setup Options

Fran’s goal at every event is to be the easiest speaker you’ve ever dealt with. His setup needs are few and because every program is different, every location is different, every audience is different, we’ll always confirm exact setup and AV requests prior to the program. There are however a few items that are typically suggested:

Auditorium/Theater: Perfect with open empty stage, well lit and house lights up—no spot lights.

Convention/Multi-Purpose Meeting Rooms: Set with chairs (ideally no tables) in a curved-row theater-style arrangement. This Audience-Centered Seating™ approach creates the most comfortable, viewable, and focused presentation possible. If the audience size will be over 400 and the room has a flat floor, a few 12–24 inch high platform risers would be suggested.

Gymnasium: Only if none of the above rooms are available, please sit students on one side, with any additional students sitting on the floor (2nd choice) or in chairs (1st choice) in front of the gymnasium bleachers.

A/V Requested

Microphone: Wireless hand-held (1st choice) or wired with plenty lots of cord (2nd choice).

A/V: Large flip pad of paper on an easel with markers. NO PowerPoint® will be used!

Added A/V requests for workshops:
TV monitor or video projector with a DVD player (not a laptop)
Enough room for activities (on stage or by moving chairs)

Again, all these items are listed here simply for pre-planning purposes. Any and all AV requests will be finalized prior to the program. For an easy-to-share, PDF version of this setup information, please download and print out the following file:

Fran Kick's room set up information page with diagram Fran Kick’s room setup information page with diagram and details to download and share

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Letters of Reference

Music-Related Letters of Reference

If you’re interested in reviewing a few of the many letters received from people just like you, and you have Adobe® Reader®, then simply follow the links below:

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Client List

Music-Related Clients

American Guild of English Handbell Ringers Area II Summer Regional Conference 1995
Arkansas Bandmasters Association 2020
Bands of America 1990-2021
THE BLUE WAY Summer Educational Experience, 2018
Central States Judges Association Summer Clinic 2001
Connecticut Music Educators Association Conference 2011
CrownLEARNING Drum Major & Leadership Camp, 2015-2019
Drum Corps International Summer Clinics 1999, 2013-2019
Educational Programs Band Leadership Training 1990-1993
Festivals of Music 1991-1993
Florida Music Education Association Clinic-Conference 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019
Fred J. Miller Summer Clinics 1991-1999
Indiana Bandmasters Association All-State Band, Bloomington, Indiana 2005
Indiana Music Educators Association 2010-2012
Indianapolis Children’s Choir Retreat 2012
Iowa All State Music Festival 2021
Iowa State Dance and Drill Team Association Conference 2004
Kentucky State Marching Band Championships 1996
Lakeshore Marching Band Association 1997
Macy’s Great American Marching Band 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019
Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic 1994
Missouri Music Educators Association, 2020
Music for All Chapters Summit 2005, 2006
NAfME Eastern Division Biennial In-service Conference 2015
NAfME National In-service Conference 2013
National Association of School Music Dealers Convention 2011
National Band Association Annual Convention 1994
NFHS Performing Arts Conference 2020
Nebraska State Bandmasters Association Convention 2009
New Jersey Collegiate MENC Convention 2009
Ohio College Music Education Leadership Conference 1993
Ohio Music Educators Association All-State 2010, 2011
Ohio Music Educators Association Conference 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1998, 1999
Ohio Music Education Association Music Support Group Mini-Conference 2006
Ohio Music Educators Association Summer Judges Clinics 1998
Oklahoma Bandmasters Association Convention 2002, 2013
Ontario Drum Corps Association Annual Symposium 1992, 1994
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Summer Leadership 2000
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association State Conference 2001
Retail Print Music Dealers Association Convention 2002
Saskatchewan Music Educators Association, 2021
Showchoir Camps of America 1995
Smith Walbridge Clinics 2014-2017
South Carolina Bandmasters Association Convention 2002
South Carolina Music Educators Association Convention 2002
South Central Missouri Music Educators Association 2018
Southeast Texas League of Middle Schools 5th Annual Teachers Conference 1994
Texas Bandmasters Association Convention 1993, 2012-2021
Texas Music Education Association Conference 1996
University of Arkansas Summer Music Camp 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010
University of Kansas Midwestern Music Camp 1998-2001
University of Kentucky Band Camp 1997-2005, 2007
Virginia Band & Orchestra Directors Association All-State 2008, 2013
Westman Band Directors Association, Manitoba, Canada 2006
Winter Guard International Convention 1991
Yamaha Young Performing Artists Program (YYPA) 2014, 2015, 2016
Youth Education in the Arts 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009