Leadership Weekend

Music for All Summer Symposium

OPPORTUNITY: Fran Kick started KICKin’ IT IN with Bands of America/Music for All back in 1990 as both a speaker and clinician. During the 1998-99 school year his involvement moved from purely a presenter role into a more consultative relationship. Primarily focusing on developing the leadership curriculum, staffing, and budget for both the Leadership Weekend Experience as well as the week long Summer Symposium programming.

RESULTS: In 1999, the Leadership Weekend Experience launched as an expanded, multi-faceted, three-day program. The goal was to create a more interactive series of experiences that developmentally dovetailed the leadership messages and team-building methods. A dual-track design provided something different for returning student leaders vs. first-year participants.

Over the next two years the program grew in terms of programming and participants with over 550 students attending the 2001 Leadership Weekend Experience. Fran’s work continued to expand with more hands-on involvement working with the symposium’s volunteer SWAG team pre-camp training. In 2006, weekend attendance grew to 688 students—representing 38% of the full-week camp attendance.

UPDATE: In 2011, Fran led the redesign to create a new two-day dual-track program, adjusted staffing, redesigned print, video, and web marketing approaches; resulting in a 65% increase in participation from 2011 to 2016 and growing net income per participant from 19% in 2011 to 38% in 2018.

Music for All Leadership Weekend Flyer

This leadership weekend + weeklong leadership experience brings together band, choir, and orchestra students—as well as their directors—from all across the country creating one of America’s largest summer camps for music students & teachers.

I have witnessed Fran Kick’s abilities to positively shape outcomes and constructively engineer the engagement of others. His keen insight and bigger-picture awareness always add more value to our organization.

Jeremy L. Earnhart, Ed.D., President and CEO of Music for All