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FOLLOWERShip + LEADERShip Workshop with Fran Kick

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Now you can host a regional workshop with maximum impact for all your students at a minimum cost. Bring this cost-sharing fundraising opportunity to your area. Fran Kick’s program strives to do something different by giving all your students the opportunity to learn more about followership and leadership.

Since 1986, I have been KICKin’ IT IN as an independent, professional speaker, facilitator, and leadership educational consultant. And while I have said many times that “leadership isn’t about a title or a position,” I have noticed that too many times it’s only a small group of selected students with titles or positions who end up going to leadership workshops!

This program strives to do something different. We want to give all students an opportunity to learn more about the followership + leadership dynamic. After years of requests to involve more students from more schools, we have created this collaborative, regional workshop to give your program the opportuity to KICK IT IN and inspire your students to TAKE THE LEAD!

TOPICS for workshop program include:

  • How to pay attention and respond appropriately
  • Get more out of what you do, by putting more into what you do
  • Why whining, griping and complaining wastes time and talent
  • You can’t lead others, until you lead yourself
  • Discover how you can make things happen vs. watch things happen
  • Encourage others to get in the game of leadership
  • What it takes to succeed at working hard, getting good, and having fun
  • Leadership “ain’t about you baby!”
  • Ego vs. mission, vision, and goals
  • I,Me vs. We,Us
FOLLOWERShip + LEADERShip poster with sign up sheet
Followership + Leadership Workshop with Fran Kick

FRAN KICK has been inspiring people to KICK IT IN® and TAKE THE LEAD since 1986. With a B.A. in Education, a M.A. in Educational Psychology, and three children of his own, Fran knows What Makes Kids KICK!

This was one of the BEST things we have ever done for our kids.

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