Regionally Hosted Workshops with Fran Kick

Now you can host a regional workshop with maximum impact for all your students at a minimum cost. Bring this cost-sharing fundraising opportunity to your area. Fran's program strives to do something different by giving all students the opportunity to learn more about followership and leadership.

Followership Leadership Workshop

Since 1986, I have been KICKin’ IT IN as a full-time independent professional speaker, facilitator and educational consultant. And while I’ve said many times that “leadership isn’t about a title or position,” I’ve noticed that too many times it’s only a small group of selected students with titles or positions who end up going to leadership workshops. Now you can host this collaborative, regional workshop to give your program the opportunity to KICK IT IN (both motivationally and financially) while at the same time inspire students to TAKE THE LEAD!

Fran Kick

Topics covered by workshop program include:

  • How to pay attention and respond appropriately
  • Get more out of what you do, by putting more into what you do
  • Why whining, griping and complaining wastes time and talent
  • You can’t lead others, until you lead yourself
  • Discover how you can make things happen vs. watch things happen
  • Encourage others to get in the game of leadership
  • What it takes to succeed at working hard, getting good, and having fun
  • Leadership “ain’t about you baby!”
  • Ego vs. mission, vision, and goals
  • I,Me vs. We,Us


Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Attitude Concepts For Today, Inc.
I get a real KICK out of watching Fran in action. He's got the right stuff and delivers it in a powerfully positive presentation. After twenty years of sharing the stage with fantastic speakers who bring a substantive message to their audiences, I haven't experienced anyone who can communicate with such power and passion as Fran.Tim Lautzenheiser

Shirley Pundt, Booster Parent
William S. Hart Alumni Association, California
I was amazed at the way you held the attention of our kids when you were here. I can understand that juniors and seniors would 'get it,' but to see the attention and participation of the freshmen and sophomores was incredible. I didn't see any students daydreaming or bored. Down to even the kids you worry about, they were excited and involved. You had interesting analogies and 'games' that they could identify with. I even heard from parents that their kids came home and talked to them about the program and what they had heard about. Imagine that! High school kids talking to their parents!! I've had many parents ask me what that 'leadership thing' was all about, because their kids are still talking about it. I would highly recommend your program to anyone whose group needs some inspiration, encouragement and knowledge that they can all be 'leaders.'Hart High School

Len Lavelle, Teacher
North Hills Senior High School, Pennsylvania
Fran's message is right on! More importantly though, it is presented in a way that the students can learn it and live it. I would take our students every year to learn with Fran.Len Lavelle

Marla Janness, Booster President
Troy Athens High School, Michigan
Our parents who sat through the program were VERY IMPRESSED with your message, your professionalism, and most importantly, the response you elicited from the kids. As one of our booster board members said at the end of the program, 'This was one of the BEST things we have ever done for the kids.' Additionally, I have received very positive feedback from the directors of area schools who participated in our Regional Workshop on Saturday morning. We were pleased with the turnout of 100 students, and felt it was a great size for interaction. The two‐and‐a‐half hours FLEW by. And, they want us to do it again next year. Though we haven't done the math yet, I am certain we were able to more than cover our costs by offering the regional workshop. That's a BONUS. The true value was in the remarkable messages you shared with our kids, and the personal growth that will result from this program. They are KICKIN’ IT IN!Marla Janness

Ian Morrison, Teacher
Norwin High School, Pennsylvania
Thanks again for your leadership presentation at Trinity High School. Your energy, sincerity, and genuine enthusiasm is refreshing not only for the participating students, but for the directors as well. Student leadership is important to me as an educator, and it plays a critical role in the structure of our organization. Annually, your workshop plays a vital role in the development of our future leaders.Norwin High School

Rick Moffit
McQueen High School, Reno, Nevada
Over the years, I depend more and more on my student leaders to provide a positive example to all of my students. With all of us looking to jump start our programs for next year, this would be an incredible way to give your students a fabulous session on student leadership.Rick Moffit

Rick Coulter
Williamsport Area School District, Pennsylvania
A mom of freshmen twins stopped me this morning to share that her boys are still talking about what fun they had while learning. This is a mom known for being very hard to impress – she was impressed and grateful!Rick Coulter


Details & Setup


What do you need to be a host school?

• Auditorium seating capacity of 450 or greater.
• Available date/time for program.
• Relationships with area schools.
• (3) Adult volunteers to help sign-in prior to program.

Group Size: As few as 150 (minimum to break even) to audiences as large as 10,800+ Fran Kick interactively inspires students to be self-motivated and develop the personal leadership they need to succeed.

Price: $20 per student (teachers & parents with students attend at no cost).

Program Length: 2½ hours.

Room Setup Options

Fran’s goal at every event is to be the easiest speaker you’ve ever dealt with. His setup needs are few and because every program is different, every location is different, every audience is different, we’ll always confirm exact setup and AV requests prior to the program. There are however a few items that are typically suggested:

Auditorium/Theater: Perfect with open empty stage, well lit and house lights up—no spot lights.

Convention/Multi-Purpose Meeting Rooms: Set with chairs (ideally no tables) in a curved-row theater-style arrangement. This Audience-Centered Seating™ approach creates the most comfortable, viewable, and focused presentation possible. If the audience size will be over 400 and the room has a flat floor, a few 12–24 inch high platform risers would be suggested.

Gymnasium: Only if none of the above rooms are available, please sit students on one side, with any additional students sitting on the floor (2nd choice) or in chairs (1st choice) in front of the gymnasium bleachers.

A/V Requested

Microphone: Wireless hand-held (1st choice) or wired with plenty lots of cord (2nd choice).

A/V: Large flip pad of paper on an easel with markers. NO PowerPoint® will be used!

Added A/V requests for workshops:
TV monitor or video projector with a DVD player (not a laptop)
Enough room for activities (on stage or by moving chairs)

Again, all these items are listed here simply for pre-planning purposes. Any and all AV requests will be finalized prior to the program. For an easy-to-share, PDF version of this setup information, please download and print out the following file:

Fran Kick's room set up information page with diagram Fran Kick’s room setup information page with diagram and details to download and share

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Proposal & Cost

One school hosts a workshop: For a registration guarantee of $3,000 your school can send as many students as you like to the program. You can “sell” spots to students from other schools for $20 each, and we simply split those fees 50/50. (You can also choose to charge your own students that same $20 fee knowing you keep 100% of all fees charged to your own students from your host school). When you sell 300 seats to other area schools, (or 150 seats to your own students) the program costs you nothing to host!

Two schools can co-host a workshop: Each school pays a $1,500 registration guarantee, and each sends as many students as they like. You still have the option of inviting students from other schools for the same $20 fee. Each co-hosting school keeps $5 of the registration price, and $10 goes to Instruction & Design Concepts. (Again, the host schools retain 100% of any fees charged to their own students. So 75 students per school paying $20 each covers your costs completely!

If you’re interested in reviewing a complete proposal what you need to host a program, what you get, an FAQ, a sample hosting agreement, registration form with invoice, and you have Adobe® Reader®, then simply follow the link below:

Read complete proposal Complete FOLLOWERShip + LEADERShip Regional Workshop Proposal

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Letters of Reference

Letters of Reference

If you’re interested in reviewing a few of the many letters received from people just like you, and you have Adobe® Reader®, then simply follow the links below:

Read what other high schools say about working with Fran Kick High School Letters of Reference

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Schools & Hosts

Past Participating Schools & Hosts

Adams High School, Michigan
Ambridge Area High School, Pennsylvania
Beachwood High School, Ohio
Beaver Area High School, Pennsylvania
Beavercreek High School, Ohio
Belle Vernon High School, Pennsylvania
Bellbrook High School, Ohio
Bentworth High School, Pennsylvania
Bishop Fenwick High School, Ohio
Blackhawk High School, Pennsylvania*
Burgettstown Jr/Sr High School, Pennsylvania
Canon-McMillan High School, Pennsylvania
Canyon High School, California
Carlisle High School, Ohio
Carmichaels Jr/Sr High School, Pennsylvania
Center Line High School, Michigan
Centerville High School, Ohio*
Central Crossing High School, Grove City, Ohio
Clinton-Massie High School, Ohio
Connellsville Area High School, Pennsylvania
Crestwood High School, Ohio*
Damonte Ranch High School, Nevada
Dawson Springs High School, Kentucky
Deer Lakes High School, Pennsylvania
Delaware Hayes High School, Delaware, Ohio*
Derry Area High School, Pennsylvania
Dublin Coffman High School, Ohio*
Dublin Jerome High School, Ohio
E.D. White Catholic High School, Louisiana
Edgewood High School, Ohio
Edinburg High School, Texas
Edinburg North High School, Texas*
Effingham County High School, Georgia
Eisenhower High School, Michigan
Fairbanks High School, Ohio
Ferndale High School, Michigan
Firestone High School, Ohio
Fort Cherry Jr/Sr High School, Pennsylvania
Franklin Regional High School, Pennsylvania
Hartford High School, Michigan
Hempfield Area High School, Pennsylvania
Henderson County High School, Kentucky*
Henry Clay High School, Kentucky
Hilliard Bradley High School, Ohio
Hilliard Heritage Middle School, Pennsylvania
J. Economedes High School, Edinburg, Texas
Jupiter High School, Florida*
Karns City Jr/Sr High School, Pennsylvania
Kettering Fairmont High School, Ohio
Keystone Oaks High School, Pennsylvania
Lafayette High School, Kentucky*
Lake Orion High School, Michigan
Lamphere High School, Michigan
Laurel Highlands High School, Pennsylvania
Lexington Christian High School, Kentucky
Liberty Baptist Church Youth Group, Pennsylvania
Lincoln High School (Warren), Michigan
Lincoln High School (Ypsilanti), Michigan
Livonia Franklin High School, Michigan
Mars Area High School, Pennsylvania
McGuffey High School, Pennsylvania
McKeesport High School, Pennsylvania
McQueen High School, Nevada*
Mohawk Jr/Sr High School, Pennsylvania
Mt. Lebanon High School, Pennsylvania
New Brighton Area High School, Pennsylvania
Norwin High School, Pennsylvania
North Allegheny High School, Pennsylvania
North Hills High School, Pennsylvania
Norton High School, Ohio
Novi High School, Michigan
Orville High School, Ohio
Peters Township High School, Pennsylvania
Pickerington High School North, Ohio
Pine-Richland High School, Pennsylvania
Reno High School, Nevada
Revere High School, Ohio
Richmond Hill High School, Georgia
Ringgold High School, Pennsylvania
Robert Vela High School, Edinburg, Texas
Saugus High School, California
Sharon High School, Pennsylvania
South Effingham High School, Georgia*
South Knox High School, Kentucky
South Lyon High School, Michigan
Southbrook Christian, Ohio
Southeast Bulloch High School, Georgia
Spanish Springs High School, Nevada
Springboro High School, Ohio
Springfield High School, Ohio
St. Cloud High School, St. Cloud, Florida*
Statesboro High School, Georgia
Trinity High School, Pennsylvania*
Troy Athens High School, Michigan*
Twin Valley High School, Ohio
Valencia High School, California
Vandebilt Catholic High School, Louisiana*
Wadsworth High School, Ohio
Waterloo High School, Ohio
West Allegheny High School, Pennsylvania
West Jessamine High School, Kentucky
West Ranch High School, California
William S. Hart High School, California*
Woodford County High School, Kentucky
Yough High School, Pennsylvania

* = Host Schools



Followership + Leadership Flyer with Signup Sheet

Flyer + Signup Sheet: If you need a poster and/or signup sheet to help promote an upcoming regional workshop, and you have Adobe® Reader®, then simply follow the link below:

Open, download, print out and hang up a workshop poster with sign-up sheet PDF Workshop Poster With Sign-up Sheet

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