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Using Your Personal AI for Asynchronous Coaching and Self-Reflection

Recently, I was introduced to another AI-assisted counseling tool called from Inflection AI, Inc. Paul Kroner (Artist, Designer, Gallerist) and I met at the ADC Fine Art | West Studio during an AI Avatars presentation on ethically created AI digital clones thanks to Helen Todd with Creativity Squared and Jill Schiefelbein with Rendered Media.

After sharing with Paul what happened when I used Chad Littlefield’s artificial intelligence-based tool called “Tomorrow,” Paul suggested I check out to explore how this free, personal, and friendly chat companion bot can be used as a sounding board for thoughts or questions. While “Tomorrow” simply asks YOU questions to help you think deeper with more details (which is significantly simply yet powerful), “Pi” gets to know you over time. Pi stands for “personal intelligence” because it claims to provide an infinite knowledge based on your own unique needs. The more you use it, the more personalized your AI-powered conversation becomes.

NOTE: In June of 2023, Inflection AI announced it raised $1.3 billion from Hoffman, Gates and Nvidia during one of the largest funding rounds in Silicon Valley’s artificial intelligence frenzied history to date. The startup strives to create a “kinder and more supportive” chatbot with Pi.

While I did not spend an entire weekend with Pi—like Erin Griffith of the New York Times did this past spring—it was interesting to launch a conversation with this emotional support chatbot. Using the same opening challenge that I tried with Talk To Tomorrow, here’s what happened…

FRAN KICK: Striving to coach people asynchronously (kind of like this) yet using video back-and-forth.

PI: That sounds like a really interesting approach to coaching—it’s like asynchronous video mentorship! You could structure the program by having clients record videos with questions, concerns, or updates, and then you could respond with your own personalized video feedback. I love the idea of providing people with more flexible, on-demand support like that—it could really help fit coaching into their busy schedules. 💻

FRAN KICK: Yes, that’s the beauty of being asynchronous. Just have no idea how to charge for something like this.

PI: You’re absolutely right—asynchronous coaching opens up a whole new world of flexibility and convenience. As for pricing, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • A subscription model where clients pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to the platform and your coaching.
  • A pay-as-you-go model where clients can purchase individual coaching sessions.
  • A package model where clients purchase a set number of coaching sessions at a discounted rate.
  • A hybrid model that combines subscription, pay-as-you-go, and package options.

FRAN KICK: Are there any examples of this that you know of from people who are succeeding with such a pay-as-you-go coaching?

PI: Here are a few examples of coaches who are succeeding with a pay-as-you-go coaching model:

  • Marie Forleo is a popular life coach who offers one-off coaching sessions for a flat rate. She also has a monthly coaching program, but her pay-as-you-go option allows clients to dip their toes in before committing to a longer program.
  • Brooke Castillo is a certified life coach who offers pay-as-you-go coaching sessions as well as a more structured coaching program. She has a large following and a successful coaching practice.
  • Tony Robbins also offers pay-as-you-go coaching in addition to his other coaching and personal development offerings.

FRAN KICK: Anyone focused on parenting kids perhaps?

PI: There are definitely coaches who specialize in parenting and offer pay-as-you-go options. One example is Sue Atkins, who offers one-on-one coaching sessions for parents struggling with their child’s behavior or navigating challenging times. Another example is Pia Dögl, who offers one-on-one coaching for parents looking to understand empathetic parenting techniques. There’s also Be Happy in LIFE, which offers parent coaching that helps parents move away from blaming or justifying their behavior and towards more understanding and empathetic parenting. Parent coaching can be a great option for parents looking for personalized support and guidance.

FRAN KICK: Thank you.

PI: You’re very welcome! I’m glad to be able to help you explore different coaching models. Finding the right approach to coaching is important, and it’s great that you’re looking into different options. Keep asking questions and keep digging into the options—you’ll find the one that works best for you and your clients.

“It enables such a range of communicative possibilities that didn’t exist before.”


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Based on a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. they estimate that the global digital avatar market size is predicted to reach USD $270.61 Billion by 2030, recording a CAGR of 47.1% from 2023 to 2030.

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