Reign of Error in American Public Schools

SOURCE: The Daily Show

Diane Ravitch was interviewed by Jon Stewart for the Daily Show [original airdate October 30, 2013] highlighting her book, Reign of Error. Before you dismiss this as more book-tour marketing, watch and listen to the extended, unedited version of the interview (most of which never aired). While she disputes the notion that American public schools are broken (they’re actually better than most people think) she also criticizes the test score-based teacher assessment movement with a number of substantive examples. Jon Stewart (admittedly a fake news anchor) brings a real-world insightfully-smart interview that’s well worth watching.

SOURCE: The Daily Show

In a postmodern world—where more and more of the real world is turning into a Saturday Night Live sketch—consider this interview in the following context: According to a Pew Research study, 80% of regular Daily Show viewers are between 18 to 49 and between 12% to 16% of all Americans get their news from The Daily Show—a fake news show. But to be fair, compare that to 30% of Americans who get their news on Facebook and 8% of who get their news via Twitter.

UPDATE: Since this broadcast, the Pew Research Center found in 2020 that Americans who mainly get their news on social media are less engaged and less knowledgeable. Of course, with fewer newspapers in circulation, where else are we to get our news?

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