I Don’t Want to Play Pretend Government Either

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Student Government Association President, Kaylesh Ramu, shared some insightful words at the “Shaping Our Future” launch event in Washington DC on September 4th, 2012. Too bad she wasn’t asked to speak at the recent political infomercials conventions. Her message about “co-creating our communities” is refreshing compared to the bipolar extreme partisan back-and-forth rhetoric that currently permeates what passes for leadership in our country.

Our student government went from a couple of elected officers to an organization that reaches out and has this philosophy that all 10,000 undergraduates at UMBC are our student government.

FYI, “Shaping Our Future” is a year-long national dialogue on the future of higher education. Through this initiative, students, faculty, administrators, employers, and members of the general public will engage and reflect on how colleges and universities might help our country tackle some of its most vexing problems. Engaging people in serious deliberation about higher education – and ultimately all of education – demands community-based conversations vs. just campus-based conversations. If you’d like to open up the dialogue in your community, check out how you can hold a forum on this issue in your community free of charge thanks to the Kettering FoundationNational Issues Forums and the American Commonwealth Partnership.

Fran Kick

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