People Sharing Ideas to Improve

“Napkinology™ is a perspective-sharing, reality-driven, idea-generating, creatively-constructive, collaborative way to bring people and their ideas together.” —Fran Kick

If you’ve ever sat through a brainstorming ideation process only to walk away thinking “well now what!?” Napkinology is for you and your organization.

Designed so you can make things happen with insightful, pragmatic, next-step actions that your organization can utilize, synthesize, and analyze—both qualitatively and quantitatively. An active-research methodology that turns a messy mayhem of opinions and brainstormed ideas into a systematically organic process of collaborative focus.

The ultimate way to kick off your annual planning process. Turn a once-a-year, make a list of things to do, negatively laborious event into an ongoing positive process that will bring everyone in your organization to the table—sharing what your organization needs to keep doing, stop doing, and pursue doing. The entire experience will help springboard an ongoing follow-up and improvement process that will track the ideas generated and keep the lines of communication open for future ideas to improve.

Napkinology™ a better way to start sharing ideas, create collaboration, and bring your entire organization together to sustain the ongoing integration of inspiration and implementation.

“It’s unbelievable to think that our connection with you began over a decade ago! After all this time, I still remember your work with the entire WCPL organization. Your sessions certainly jumped started our progress toward being a more collaborative and open organization. The redesigned annual planning process you created in 2012 with your Napkinology approach remains, in my mind, a significant turning point for us. Prior to those sessions, staff felt the planning process was tedious and that their ideas weren't being heard. Your energy, creativity, and inclusive approach breathed life into a tired process, and persuaded the staff to look for a positive future.”
Liz Fultz
Liz Fultz, Director
Washington-Centerville Public Library
“Thanks again for attending to the Ohio Library Council’s Board of Directors meeting. I appreciate you leading the discussion and providing guidance as to what the Board can do with the member input that was gathered from your keynote session at the OLC 2013 Convention. I believe that it will be valuable as the Board plans the organization's strategic direction for the months ahead.”
Doug Evans
Doug Evans, Executive Director
Ohio Library Council
“Fran Kick is way more than a professional speaker and educational consultant. He’s a professional problem solver and solution collaborator who knows how to creatively bring people and ideas together better than anyone else I know on the planet. The lasting value of all 818 back-of-the-napkin ideas continues to inform our strategic planning.”
Dan Acheson, CEO
Drum Corps International
Napkinology (Five napkins)

Napkinology™ creates a way for people and ideas to be shared via a casual, non-threatening, fun, facilitated approach with corporate or educational organizations. The perfect way to generate ideas across the organization for strategic planning, retreat programming, or refreshing your annual planning process.

This is the most participation in the annual planning process I have ever seen.

Napkinology™ Participating Employee