Mega Camp

The Ultimate Summer Experience

OPPORTUNITY: Dartmouth Hospital wanted to develop an expansion of the one-day KICK IT IN® & HIT THE ROPES program into a full-week day-camp program for junior high and senior high school students.

RESULTS: This week-long program incorporated additional study skills, superior learning strategies, adventure challenges, and reflective goal setting journeys. Mega Camp was designed to be a physical, emotional, and intellectual experience for 13-17 year old students from across the Midwest.


Dartmouth Behavioral Health System

Fran Kick and Frank Crocket

Fran Kick and Frank Crockett first started collaboratively leading interactive experiential programming in 1994. Both Fran and Frank bring a series of interactive, team-building, problem-solving initiatives which integrate leadership theory into hands-on practice. This week-long summer camp program was designed to be a high-energy, low- and high-level ropes course, leadership and team-building experience for junior high and senior high school students.