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OPPORTUNITY: For fifteen consecutive years from 2004-2018 we KICKed IT IN at the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference. Creating and presenting leadership programming for middle school, high school, college students, as well as their BPA Advisors. Our work with BPA every year at their national conference evolved into a signature program for this leading career and technical student organization (CTSO). The BPA Leadership Academy enabled students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology, and other related career fields to interact with other student leaders from all over the U.S. learning how to develop as leaders in the classroom and beyond.


CONTENT STANDARDS: The BPA National Leadership Academy intentionally aligned its programming curriculum to many of the content standards recognized by established accrediting agencies, professional associations, departments of education, and educational entities.
“The Leadership Academy was a huge hit and a wonderful addition to the quality of our program. The activities both you and Mr. Crockett provided were exactly what we were looking for. The program received rave reviews from participants, advisors and members of our Board of Trustees. You truly went above and beyond to ensure the success and quality of every facet you were involved in. We couldn't have asked for more!”
Shawna Gfroerer, CMP
Shawna Gfroerer, CMP, Director of Membership and Events (2004-2017)
Business Professionals of America
“I have had the opportunity to both present Fran Kick to my membership and also work cooperatively with him as a co-presenter. His enthusiastic high energy presentations are 'real' and not contrived. His approach to self-motivation and personal leadership development is unique and effective. He works with groups but touches individuals. If you are looking for someone who will make a difference for your group and will truly care about your people, consider engaging Fran Kick, he will definitely KICK IT IN! for you.”
Kirk Lawson
Kirk Lawson, CAE, Executive Director (2007-2017)
Business Professionals of America
Thank you for all your input and for a great Leadership Academy that you ran for us. I know the students enjoyed it. Thanks Fran for all that you do for us!”
Marty Richards
Marty Richards, Executive Director (2005-2007)
Business Professionals of America
Your keynote at the opening session was upbeat and served to focus the 5,000+ attendees on the elements of leadership and the fact that they are responsible for their attitude and how they approach work, life and leadership. The Leadership Academy was a new thing for us and it could not have been any better received. Thank you again for your significant contribution to the success of our conference.”
Business Professionals of America
John Boyd, President & CEO (2004-2005)
Business Professionals of America



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Business Professionals of America is the leading CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields. BPA has more than 45,000 members in over 1,800 chapters across 25 states and Puerto Rico. BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards.

Both days I left your presentation saying ‘Wow, that was really great!’ And I meant it.
Katelyn Wooley
Taconic High School, MA