Kick It In with Fran Kick

Better leaders. Smarter followers. Faster long-term results.

Fran Kick works with organizations that want to develop better leadership and smarter followership for faster long-term results designed to impact your multi-generational organization today as well as in the future.

WHY Fran Kick?

He Delivers!

FRAN KICK HELPS YOU nurture more self-motivation in yourself and others. Learn the personal leadership lessons that will last a lifetime. Build better leaders and smarter followers so that everyone in your organization will KICK IT IN!

Relevant Resources

Six published books, 40+ journal and industry articles, plus nine train-the-trainer programs, Fran Kick is also the author of many interactive training tools used by:

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Projects that make a difference

Fran Kick designs and delivers both the ideas and the implementation. Explore previous projects developed with various people, organizations, and companies including:

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“Fran is EASY TO WORK WITH, FLEXIBLE, and WELL PREPARED. He not only talks leadership and motivation, he walks the talk.”
—Russ Simon, Senior Policy Associate, NYATEP
“His INTERACTIVE STRATEGY connects with people, tapping into their inner motivation to excel. His professionalism and ability to relate with people is UNMATCHED
—Steve Milano, Partner, Dieruf Construction