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Drum Corps International + Fran Kick

Opportunity: In 2012, Drum Corps International (DCI) and the Texas Bandmasters Association (TBA) scheduled their events back-to-back in San Antonio, Texas. Having worked with both organizations in the past, we collaborated creating a series of sessions that would build a co-sponsored opportunity to help Texas music educators and their students kick start the school year.

Results: Fran presented his Kick Start Your Season with DCI in the Alamodome during the Drum Corps International Southwestern Championship. The next day he kicked off the opening keynote session at the TBA Student Day with Frank Troyka followed by three repeated student leadership sessions. Fran also presented a clinic for educators entitled: “Developing a Student Leadership Program that Works for You” which provided Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit to participating teachers. It was a collaboratively synergistic win-win-win for everyone involved (students, teachers, and organizations) as well as the 2012 TBA Patron Sponsor Marching Show Concepts.

UPDATE: We co-created this again in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 co-sponsored in part with Texas Bandmasters Association, Drum Corps International and Music for All.



Mike Brashear, Executive Director
Texas Bandmasters Association
Your presence at TBA was great this summer and we will stay in touch! We have had many compliments. Your hard work, both in preparation and at the convention, is much appreciated.Michael Brashear

Frank Troyka, TBA Student Day Coordinator
Berkner High School Director of Bands
WOW! Fran you're the best!!! Having you at the TBA Student Day was terrific and I appreciate how you speak with the students, elevating both their expectations and their focus. You never talk down to them. I'm very much indebted to you for your influence and inspiration.Frank Troyka

Alfredo Vélez III, Past President
Texas Bandmasters Association
Thanks for sharing your message and expertise with our students and directors in Texas. Your participation in our Student Day and your Director's Clinic helped make this convention a tremendous success. We consider ourselves fortunate that you were able to share your valuable knowledge and resources with our members. You are our friend and a trusted colleague of TBA. We look forward to building on this meaningful collaboration.Alfredo Vélez

Dan Acheson, Executive Director/CEO
Drum Corps International
I am so blessed to have an association with great people like you. The fact that after 27+ years we have the opportunity to work with each other again makes me smile. You are a class act all the way around.dan_acheson_50x50

Susie Ferreira, Group Experience Specialist
Drum Corps International
It was great to see students so completely engaged during the session. Fran's expertise on leadership and personal responsibility and the way he incorporates those topics into interactive activities, creates an immediate response from all who are participating. For students, parents, and band directors alike, Fran’s energy and passion are contagious.Susie Ferreira

Randy Gilmore, Owner/CEO/President
Marching Show Concepts, Inc.
Fran Kick has an amazing talent of drawing the very best out of individuals and having them reach for higher levels of success. Easy to work with and extremely professional, Fran knocks it out of the park with enthusiasm and expertise that every program should have the opportunity to experience. Fran is not only great at presenting important life skills; he also is one that 'walks the talk.' I would highly recommended Fran for groups that are looking for ways to work better together as well as finding a higher level of success and purpose in life.Randy Gilmore


Magazine Articles


“Are You Developing Leadership Or Just Picking Leaders?” written by Fran Kick was provided to TBA for their June 2012 Issue of Bandmasters Review.

TBA Bandmasters Review June 2012

Read a PDF version of Fran Kick’s June 2012 Bandmasters Review article.

“Band Together: Motivating students to work hard and get good—not because they have to, but because they want to!” written by Fran Kick was provided to DCI for their DCI Magazine Spring 2013 Issue. A copy of this issue was also used as a handout for all the attending teachers in Fran’s TBA Director’s Clinic.

Band Together: Motivating students to work hard and get good–not because they have to, but because they want to

Read a PDF version of Fran Kick’s Spring 2013 DCI Magazine article.

“Balancing Your Band and Your Life” written by Fran Kick was provided to TBA for their September 2014 Issue of Bandmasters Review. The article referenced two videos Fran Kick created for his TBA Director Session.

TBA's Bandmasters Review

Read a PDF version of Fran Kick’s September 2014 TBA Bandmasters Review article.

“Making a Bigger Impact with Music In Your Community” written by Fran Kick was provided to TBA for their September 2015 Issue of Bandmasters Review of Bandmasters Review.

Texas Bandmasters Association's Bandmaster Review
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Ads (Online + Print)

Instruction & Design Concepts developed both online and print ads to help cross-promote the DCI+TBA events.

2013 TBA and DCI Online Banner Ad

View full-size version of online ad created for DCI+TBA events.

DCI + TBA half-page print ad

View full-size version of print ad created for DCI+TBA events.


Teacher Handouts

Teacher Handout

Fran Kick’s handout from the 2012 TBA Convention/Clinic.

Fran Kick's 2012 TBA Handout

Review a PDF version of Fran Kick’s 2012 TBA Handout.

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