Napkinology with Fran Kick


People sharing ideas to improve

“A perspective-sharing, reality-driven, idea-generating, creatively-constructive, collaborative way to bring people and their ideas together.”

If you’ve ever sat through a brainstorming ideation process only to walk away thinking “well now what!?” Napkinology is for you and your organization.

Designed so you can make things happen with insightful, pragmatic, next-step actions that your organization can utilize, synthesize, and analyze—both qualitatively and quantitatively. An active-research methodology that turns a messy mayhem of opinions and brainstormed ideas into a systematically organic process of collaborative focus.

The ultimate way to kick off your annual planning process. Turn a once-a-year, make a list of things to do, negatively laborious event into an ongoing positive process that will bring everyone in your organization to the table—sharing what your organization needs to keep doing, stop doing, and pursue doing. The entire experience will help springboard an ongoing follow-up and improvement process that will track the ideas generated and keep the lines of communication open for future ideas to improve.

Napkinology™ a better way to start sharing ideas, create collaboration, and bring your entire organization together to sustain the ongoing integration of inspiration and implementation.

How It Works

White NapkinWhite Napkins: Compelling stats can be used to spark the brainstorming of ideas. These data points serve as black-and-white, hear-and-now, reality references that are currently in play for the organization.

Green NapkinGreen Napkins: Ideas that we need to keep doing. Things that might not get the attention they deserve, yet represent hidden gems that deserve to shine more brightly and are important to our success.

Red NapkinRed Napkins: Represent things that we as an organization might consider stop doing. Perhaps an idea who’s time has come and gone and no longer serves our organization.

Purple NapkinPurple Napkins: New ideas to pursue. These might be thoughts in response to a “white napkin” reality or anything to improve what we currently do and how we do it.

Orange NapkinOrange Napkins: Ideas that might be outside the scope of our current vision, mission and values, yet long term could impact success in the future.


Video Case Study

Video Case Study (19-minutes)

Fran Kick consulted with the Washington-Centerville Public Library in 2012 to create and facilitate a series of sessions involving every member of the organization. See and hear what co-workers at every level of the organization experienced and thought about this creative brainstorming planning process.