Fran Kick

About Fran Kick

Professional Speaker, Author, Consultant

Who is Fran Kick?

Fran Kick is the educational resource to turn to when you want students to KICK IT IN and TAKE THE LEAD! His dynamic and exciting motivational leadership presentations have been shared across North America with thousands of college/university, high school and junior high/middle school students, plus the many people who work with them. He also shares his insights with associations, conventions and corporate organizations that are actively engaged in teaching and reaching today’s generation of kids. Fran has spoken at many state, regional and national conferences and has served as a consultant for numerous schools, companies, associations, and nonprofit organizations.

Who cares?

If you work with students and you are sick and tired of always telling them what to do and when to do it, you’ll care. Parents, teachers, employers, principals, advisors, coaches, band directors, summer camp supervisors and youth group leaders have all been inspired by Fran’s self-motivational personal leadership presentations. And if you are a student who’s sick and tired of always being told what to do and when to do it, then you will definitely want to KICK IT IN with Fran Kick!

Why? It’s simple. Fran knows What Makes Kids KICK!

How does he know, you ask? Well, as an author, consultant, professional speaker, parent, former teacher, clinical counselor, and college faculty member, he’s been there, done that. Thousands of times. For thousands of students. Thousands of teachers. And thousands of parents. He’s optimistic, yet realistic about what it takes to move beyond a carrot-and-stick approach to a higher level of realizing your own potential. Warning! Fran Kick is not just another one of those motivational speakers! Instead, he inspires, encourages and teaches others how to motivate themselves. He shares a unique perspective on self-motivation and personal leadership development through his presentations, his series of publications and project consultations. And just as he has done for thousands of others, he’ll get you to look at motivation and leadership in a whole new way.

What will Fran do for YOU?

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Help you and/or your students realize their own potential
  • Improve youth leadership development and your leadership example
  • Build strategies and skills necessary for self-motivation
  • Encourage a commitment to excellence and adherence to high ethical standards
  • Inspire a more pragmatic, practical, positive attitude in yourself and others
  • More leading by example, less carrot-and-sticking
  • Help implement a more constructive results-oriented approach
  • Provide pragmatic steps to improve self-motivation
  • Diminish your dependence on carrot-and-stick strategies
  • Expand your understanding of what makes kids kick at home, at school or at work

Want to know more?

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