Deloitte Decodes GenXers + Millennials

Deloitte is a major employer of young adults. In fact, over 80% of their employees who work directly with clients are under the age of 35. As such, Deloitte actively engaged in addressing the topic of generations at work and freely shares their findings with others outside of Deloitte. Listen to this special Career Connections edition of Total Picture Radio. Peter Clayton shares a thoughtful interview with Stan Smith, national director of Next Generation Initiatives (NGI) at Deloitte LLP. Stan’s responsibility is to study demographic and workforce attitude trends with the purpose of coming up with practical ways to deal with their impact on businesses. He is the author of the book entitled Decoding Generational Differences: Fact, fiction… or should we just get back to work? Read Stan Smith’s book Decoding Generational Differences: Fact, fiction …or should we just get back to work? Listen to a podcast with Stan Smith, Principal, National Director, Next Generation Initiatives Talent, Deloitte LLP.
Fran Kick

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