What’s KICKin’

by Fran Kick

Instruction & Design Concepts 2020 Award

Look! We Won Again!

Trophies, plaques, ribbons. medals and awards are fine. Just don’t let their glistening shine overshadow the real reasons we ultimately come together to compete. Improving what we do and how we do it.
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Reign of Error in American Public Schools

SOURCE: The Daily Show Diane Ravitch was interviewed by Jon Stewart for the Daily Show [original airdate October 30, 2013] highlighting her new book, Reign of Error. Before you dismiss this as more book-tour marketing, watch and listen to the extended, un-edited version of the interview (most of which never aired). While she disputes the notion
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Any National Honor Society members in Congress?

This week I was “honored” (sorry, couldn’t resist) to be involved in one of the many National Honor Society Induction Ceremonies that occur across America. Officially established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the NHS ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations recognizing outstanding high school students. Four
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Rock-star teachers earn $4 million per year?

Amanda Ripley authored an essay that appeared in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal on August 3, 2013. It was adapted from her forthcoming book, “The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way,” which was released today by Simon & Schuster. The article received hundreds of comments from readers and other
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STEM + Humanities = The Heart of the Matter

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences recently released a film entitled The Heart of the Matter. In seven minutes, the film beautifully illustrates the reason STEM + Humanities = the how and why we need to create an educational system that does more than just prepare people to pass a standardized test, gain entrance
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Printed Bubble Sheets and GradeCam

While it might be fun to fantasize about every student toting a laptop or iPad to and from school, thanks to one game-changing patented piece of software, the future of printed bubble sheets in many schools is safe and secure.
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How the Teen Brain (and Your Brain) Learns Best

NOTE: This video embeded with https://embedresponsively.com While this video is about the teen brain and how it works, it has application to many stages of life. The lessons of this video actually apply to everyone. Created by What Kids Can Do (WKCD) a national nonprofit that strives to reach the broadest audience possible with two
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I Don’t Want to Play Pretend Government Either

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Student Government Association President, Kaylesh Ramu, shared some insightful words at the “Shaping Our Future” launch event in Washington DC on September 4th, 2012. Too bad she wasn’t asked to speak at the recent political infomercials conventions. Her message about “co-creating our communities” is refreshing compared to the bipolar extreme partisan back-and-forth rhetoric that
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Inspired by a true story is still fiction – right?

In a truly postmodern twist, movie screenings for the film Won’t Back Down, during both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, are creating some buzz in advance of the film’s September 28, 2012 release. That’s great for ticket sales. The movie is described as being “much like the documentary Waiting for Superman.” Except this film is a
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