What Makes Kids Kick (Series)

What Makes Kids Kick

Inspiring the Millennial Generation to Kick It In

“What fantastic books!!! Positive, well thought-out and researched, lots of good ideas, fun to read, plus great resources.”

—Claire Raines, Author of Generations at Work

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Two books, by author Fran Kick, combine a comprehensive collection of studies, surveys, research articles and news stories, along with his own anecdotes gathered during two decades of traveling across the U.S. talking with and working with kids as well as the adults in their lives. Research-based with real world relevance, this series brings together the best of the best in substantive work on today’s generation of kids. The result is an eclectic blend of thought from many different areas, including generational influences, psychology, motivational theory, parenting, education and management.

Designed as a compass of thought, the first book provides a framework through which to view today’s kids by exploring the many influences and inspirational factors that are affecting the Millennial Generation (born 1980–2000±).

The second book builds on the overall framework of the first, while mapping out what inspires kids specifically at home, providing pragmatic steps you can take to reach them, teach them and lead them.

As entertaining as they are informative, these books will get you looking at, and thinking about, today’s generation of kids in a new way. It will help you raise, teach, manage, lead and mentor a more self-motivated generation of kids who will have the attitude and skills necessary to KICK IT IN & TAKE THE LEAD!



Neil Howe
Co-author of Generations and Millennials Rising
Fran’s broadly generational approach to today’s kids is very nicely executed. While he’s familiar with youth up close and has a voracious appetite for interesting facts, he also sees the big picture. I learned a lot. There are things in here that I didn’t know and I make a living doing this!Neil Howe

Richard Ryan, Ph.D.
Co-editor of the Handbook of Self-Determination Research
What Makes Kids KICK is filled with good advice for coaches, educators, parents and anyone else who works with kids. Fran Kick presents a thoughtful and research informed approach to engaging youth, packaged in a lively and vital way. His work recognizes not only that getting kids involved is beneficial, but that making it fun and meaningful is essential to making it happen.Richard Ryan

Eric Chester
Founder & President of Generation Why
Fran Kick knows kids inside out, and he gives real-world practical ideas for those seeking to parent and teach them. This book provides a wealth of amazing resources and usable tools to KICK IT IN with kids of all ages!Eric Chester

Elisa Medhus, M.D.
Houston, TX
Fran Kick not only knows what makes kids kick, he understands what kids today need to be the kind of self-motivated, self-reliant everyday heroes the world will soon need them to be. Helping today’s generation of children to think for themselves demands a new adult-child level of communication that’s positive, unambiguous, and constructive. This book offers parents, teachers, and anyone else who works with today’s youth a clearer perspective of the strategies and skills most helpful in diminishing an over-dependence on the approval-driven choices of others. Guiding a more internally directed generation of kids who won’t fall victim to an externally manipulative world, What Makes Kids KICK can serve as your resource of resources.Elisa Medhus

Walt Lovell, Teacher
Elko High School, NV
Fran Kick’s series of books on What Makes Kids Kick are a breath of fresh air and should be required reading to those of us who are parents or teachers. You will find them a wonderful tool for understanding what motivates drives, distracts, and frustrates our Millennial young people. Fran’s conclusions are laser guided and definitely on the mark. With 37 years as a high school teacher and having 6 children and 13 grandchildren I was thrilled to read Fran’s insights and amazingly thorough research concerning today’s youth. Being of the Boomer generation and having taught through three generations of students I was delighted by the way Fran dissipated the clouds of confusion about what makes our current young people tick.Walt Lovell

Brian Becker, VP for Ministry Programs
Wheat Ridge Ministries, Itasca, IL
Full of interesting, helpful information for parents, teachers, anyone trying to figure out what makes kids tick (or kick) to keep with the theme. Thanks for writing something that has real value! Keep making a difference in the lives of those you reach!brian_becker_50x50



Title: What Makes Kids Kick
Author: Fran Kick
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Instruction & Design Concepts
Language: English
Length: 227 pages
Format: Paperback, Perfect Bound, 6×10.5 inches


Overview of Content and Context
Today’s Generation of Kids
Generational Influences
Developmental Influences
Motivational Influences
What Makes Kids Kick 3D Book Cover

Title: What Makes Kids Kick @ Home
Author: Fran Kick
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Instruction & Design Concepts
Language: English
Length: 207 pages
Format: Paperback, Perfect Bound, 6×10.5 inches


Homes, Families and Neighborhoods
Parents and Parenting
Technology Media/TV and Life 24/7/365
Today’s Kids are Active
Inspiring Kids to be Self-Disciplined
What Makes Kids Kick @ Home 3D Book Cover



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Buy both books (Paperback and PDF eBook versions) and save!
Buy both books (Paperback and PDF eBook versions) and save!