University of Georgia Summer Marching Band Camp

“We are so excited to bring Fran Kick to our program.”

Dr. Skip Taylor, Camp Director

University of Georgia

KICKs IT IN with Fran Kick

June 10–12, 2012 • Athens, Georgia

The University of Georgia Summer Marching Band Camp is an intensive five-day event and this year Fran Kick will be kicking things off with every student and staff member who attends. High school students grades 9-12 can attend 1, 2, or 4 days. Bring all your students for one-day on June 11th 2012, plan on attending Sunday–Tuesday, or take in the entire camp Sunday, June 10th through Thursday, June 14th.

Students will develop techniques and practice approaches from the various areas of marching band including Drum Major, Marching Percussion, Twirlers, Dancers, and Color Guard. The camp staff includes award-winning specialists in each area, drum corps instructors, UGA Redcoat Band members, and faculty instructional staff from the University of Georgia Redcoat Band.

Whether you come for one day or all week, you’ll learn more about leadership at the 2012 UGA Summer Marching Camp.

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Fran Kick's Music-Related Clients While today a majority of Fran’s schedule involves working with all kinds of students and adults all year long, he still remains actively involved with a select number of music-related organizations who have KICKed IT IN over the years. Ever since taking an educational leave of absence from teaching band to pursue his Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, various musical organizations have hosted Fran’s KICK IT IN® program.

Topics for Fran’s presentation include:

  • Paying attention and responding appropriately
  • The more you put into it, the more you get out of it
  • What you put into it, is what you get out of it
  • If you’re whining, griping and complaining, having a terrible time—maybe that’s why!
  • Positive attitude vs. negative attitude—you ultimately make the difference
  • Getting involved and cooperatively contributing
  • The discipline of focus and the power of attention
  • Positively reinforcing yourself and others to make positive choices
  • Leading by example—because you can’t lead others until you lead yourself

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Attitude Concepts For Today, Inc.
I get a real KICK out of watching Fran in action. He's got the right stuff and delivers it in a powerfully positive presentation. After twenty years of sharing the stage with fantastic speakers who bring a substantive message to their audiences, I haven't experienced anyone who can communicate with such power and passion as Fran.Tim Lautzenheiser

John Fannin
Murray State University, Kentucky
I have known Fran Kick since 1992 as a clinician with my school district, high school band, and the Murray State University Marching Festival. It has truly been inspirational and informational for my colleagues and students. Fran shares insight and direction for maximizing students efforts in all endeavors. His KICK IT IN message is well received and is very concrete. Students come away from sessions with great strategies for changing behaviors into positive action. Fran works well with teachers, student leaders, and entire bands. Groups 5 or 5,000 and people ages 9–90 will benefit from Fran's sessions. I highly recommend Fran for your future sessions.John Fannin

Ben Holste, Conference Program Chair
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
Fran, your session with the All-State kids on Friday night as well as the session you held for our general membership Saturday morning were enthusiastically received by all in attendance. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your words, ideas and challenges to students and adults alike were right on target. I have heard nothing but positive comments by those who attended your sessions at this year's In-service Conference.Pennsylvania Music Educators Association

Rick Moffit
McQueen High School, Reno, Nevada
Over the years, I depend more and more on my student leaders to provide a positive example to all of my students. With all of us looking to jump start our programs for next year, this would be an incredible way to give your students a fabulous session on student leadership.Rick Moffit

Hugh O’Brian
2006 HOBY World Leadership Conference
You certainly know how to get kids’ attention and motivate them towards their future. I really liked how you involved them vs. just talking at them. Your message about 'paying attention and responding appropriately' ties in so well with what we strive to do—teaching young people to think for themselves. So that, as you put it, they can 'figure things out on their own' focusing their potential to kick it in and take the lead!Hugh O'Brian