Jr/Sr High School Programs

Presented by Fran Kick

Fran Kick’s interactive approach and humorous delivery style is fast-paced, informative, educational and entertaining, all at the same time. A self-motivatonal personal leadership presentation and interactive experience inspiring students to motivate themselves so they can KICK IT IN and TAKE THE LEAD!

Junior and Senior High Student Kicking It In

Students in grades 6–12 have KICKed IT IN with Fran Kick at student assemblies, leadership workshops, team building programs, student government retreats, peer leader training, annual new student or welcome back presentations, multi-school and district-wide events.

Topics for presentation themes include:

  • Paying attention and responding appropriately
  • The more you put into it, the more you get out of it
  • What you put into it, is what you get out of it
  • If you’re whining, griping and complaining, having a terrible time—maybe that’s why!
  • Positive attitude vs. negative attitude—you ultimately make the difference
  • Getting involved and cooperatively contributing
  • The discipline of focus and the power of attention
  • Positively reinforcing yourself and others to make positive choices
  • Leading by example—because you can’t lead others until you lead yourself


Rodney Smith, Assistant Principal
Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, Indiana
The positive feedback from the students and staff that attended the presentation was astounding. It is safe to say that everyone took something with them from the presentation that they can apply to their individual success and the success of our school. The information in your speech and the passion that you demonstrated as you presented the material were 'exactly what the doctor ordered.' As an administrator, I appreciate that you focused our students on their efficacy. You helped our students understand that their attitudes, dispositions, values, and work ethic can impact their lives, the success of our school, the community, the nation, and indeed the world.Rodney Smith

Robert Kelly, Teacher
Berlin High School, Connecticut
Picture this: A room full of high school students who are watching intently, listening to every word, on the edge of their seats, their attention glued to the speaker. It certainly is one of my dreams! This is the picture I saw as Fran talked to my students. The image is still fresh in my mind because it was so unbelievable! His program was so wonderful that we are considering having him back to talk to the faculty. Yes, his words are for young and old alike and for any group that I can think of. He speaks about success in life. He speaks about responsibility and commitment. My advice is this: Do whatever you can. Call in every favor. Beg. Borrow. Fund raise. But don't let the opportunity to have Fran Kick do a presentation go by. I promise you that you will find his words most inspiring.Berlin High School

Christian Riso, Assistant Superintendent
Diocese of Buffalo Catholic Schools, New York
What most impressed me about your program was the energy and humor you brought with you and shared with our students. I appreciated the interactive, yet controlled environment that you created for the students. The students were certainly active but realized that a certain amount of order was expected from them. As a former assistant principal, I found this program to be well worth the time out of the classroom.Christian Riso

Millie Montgomery, Assistant Principal
Woodward Academy, Georgia
Your presentation to our 565 seventh and eighth graders (and their teachers) was extraordinary. I watched in amazement while you pulled them into your ideas. They were hanging on every word, nodding in recognition of your examples, holding their sides with laughter and have been talking about your message ever since. Those of us who work with adolescents feel that special frustration of wanting to get them motivated but sensing that our 'preaching' does not sink in. You talk with them, not at them. Your energy and wit make the concepts real.Woodward Academy

Judy Wingert, Teacher
Gridley Middle School, Arizona
I was so impressed with your enthusiasm, delivery, focus and message that I just had to have you come and help us start our school year. Usually a speaker of your caliber is reserved for state student council conventions. The problem with that is only a few students from each school ever get to hear such a speaker. The three assemblies you did for us, one to each of our sixth, seventh and eighth grades, was done with such enthusiasm and organization and purpose. You had enough examples, funny stories, audience participation, and mannerisms to keep rapt attention of over 200 students of each grade for 60 minutes. The time actually didn't seem like more than 20 minutes, but was indeed a full 60 minutes! You have quite a talent and I would recommend your presentation to other groups.Judy Wingert

Gail Boe, Communities of Excellence Director/Prevention Coordinator
The Osage Nation, Oklahoma
Fran kept the youth energized, motivated and ready to Kick It In. The youth were challenged to change the way they thought about the issues facing them. They were also challenged to motivate themselves out of defeated thinking and look at how they could come up with solutions to issues they faced. We can't wait to be able to bring KICKin' IT IN! back to Oklahoma!!The Osage Nation

Sheri Marple-Mashburn, MHR, Community Liaison
The Osage Nation, Oklahoma
What a way to end the summer and start the school year with your 'Kick It In' assemblies. From our smallest school to our largest, the students listened, participated and will never forget your message. You are a gentleman, a gentle man, a scholar, and an inspiration to youth around the world. It is an honor to know you.Sheri Marple-Mashburn

John Nepper, Teacher
Bullen Junior High School, Wisconsin
I want you to know that the positive effects of the work you did with my students are still being felt. Your program was exciting, energetic and full of impact on both student and teacher attitudes. They were able to understand your message because you were able to communicate with them in a way that made them feel important and valuable. I have seen a sense of pride developing within the group. They feel good about themselves and their mission. They are one fired-up group of kids right now and I keep telling them it only gets better from here. KICK IT IN is a fun, exciting, meaningful program that has great potential for affecting positive changes in the world we live in. I honor the work you are doing and wish you continued success.John Nepper

Keith Denslow
Skiatook High School, Oklahoma
As a speech teacher, I have a great appreciation for how well you can maintain attention from teenagers. Wish we could make school as motivational as your hour presentation.Keith Denslow

Jerell Horton
Vestavia Hills High School, Alabama
Through the course of life we are blessed to meet people that impact us in unforgettable ways. You have been one of those people for me. I was so proud to have you on my campus today because I believe in your message and what you are doing. Thank you for being a part of our journey.Jerell Horton

Neal Wedum, Principal
Choteau Public Schools, Montana
Thank you for the remarkable presentation you made to our 7–12 students. You worked wonders with such a diverse assemblage. The kids were overwhelmingly responsive–even the ones who are often 'too cool' to participate. Your message struck the right chord with our students because they were still talking about it several days later.Neal Wedum

Anita Williams, Principal
Winton Woods High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Students acquired a foundation on which to build and shape their ideas for the best way to implement a leadership program, supporting their own needs as well as those of their fellow students. One student shared this: 'It reminded me of certain skills I will need to get: what I want and what I need in life.'Anita Williams

Hugh O’Brian
2006 HOBY World Leadership Conference
You certainly know how to get kids’ attention and motivate them towards their future. I really liked how you involved them vs. just talking at them. Your message about 'paying attention and responding appropriately' ties in so well with what we strive to do—teaching young people to think for themselves. So that, as you put it, they can 'figure things out on their own' focusing their potential to kick it in and take the lead!Hugh O'Brian


Details & Setup


Group Size: As few as 40 to audiences as large as 10,800+ Fran Kick interactively inspires students to be self-motivated and develop the personal leadership they need to succeed.

Program Length: Available for 30-, 40-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute presentations for any event as well as 3-hour (half-day) and 6-hour (full-day) for workshops.

Room Setup Options

Fran’s goal at every event is to be the easiest speaker you’ve ever dealt with. His setup needs are few and because every program is different, every location is different, every audience is different, we’ll always confirm exact setup and AV requests prior to the program. There are however a few items that are typically suggested:

Auditorium/Theater: Perfect with open empty stage, well lit and house lights up—no spot lights.

Convention/Multi-Purpose Meeting Rooms: Set with chairs (ideally no tables) in a curved-row theater-style arrangement. This Audience-Centered Seating™ approach creates the most comfortable, viewable, and focused presentation possible. If the audience size will be over 400 and the room has a flat floor, a few 12–24 inch high platform risers would be suggested.

Gymnasium: Only if none of the above rooms are available, please sit students on one side, with any additional students sitting on the floor (2nd choice) or in chairs (1st choice) in front of the gymnasium bleachers.

A/V Requested

Microphone: Wireless hand-held (1st choice) or wired with plenty lots of cord (2nd choice).

A/V: Large flip pad of paper on an easel with markers. NO PowerPoint® will be used!

Added A/V requests for workshops:
TV monitor or video projector with a DVD player (not a laptop)
Enough room for activities (on stage or by moving chairs)

Again, all these items are listed here simply for pre-planning purposes. Any and all AV requests will be finalized prior to the program. For an easy-to-share, PDF version of this setup information, please download and print out the following file:

Fran Kick's room set up information page with diagram Fran Kick’s room setup information page with diagram and details to download and share

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Letters of Reference

Letters of Reference

If you’re interested in reviewing a few of the many letters received from people just like you, and you have Adobe® Reader®, then simply follow the links below:

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Client List


Adams Central High School, Monroe, Indiana
A.K. Smith Career Center, Michigan City, Indiana
Allatoona High School, Acworth, Georgia
Allegan High School, Allegan, Michigan
Alter High School, Kettering, Ohio
Amelia High School, Batavia, Ohio
American Fork High School, American Fork, Utah
Angleton High School, Angleton, Texas
Angola High School, Angola, Indiana
Anthony Wayne High School, Whitehouse, Ohio
Arcadia High School, Arcadia, Ohio
Avon High School, Avon, Indiana
Azle High School, Azle, Texas
Baker Hall School, Lackawanna, New York
Baker Junior High School, Fairborn, Ohio
Baker Middle School, Marion, Ohio
Ballard High School, Louisville, Kentucky
Batavia High School, Batavia, Ohio
Beavercreek High School, Beavercreek, Ohio
Beech Grove High School, Beech Grove, Indiana
Belhaven Avenue Middle School, Linwood, New Jersey
Bellbrook High School, Bellbrook, Ohio
Bellbrook Junior High School, Bellbrook, Ohio
Belleville High School, Belleville, Michigan
Belmont High School, Dayton, Ohio
Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis, Indiana
Benton High School, Benton, Arkansas
Berlin High School, Berlin, Connecticut
Black River Middle School, Sullivan, Ohio
Blackford High School, Hartford City, Indiana
Blackhawk High School, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Blanchester High School, Blanchester, Ohio
Bloomfield Hills-Andover HS, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Bloomfield Middle School, Bloomfield, Kentucky
Blue Springs High School, Blue Springs, Missouri
Bogle Junior High School, Chandler, Arizona
Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green, Ohio
Bridgewater-Raritan High School, New Jersey
Brockport High School, Brockport, New York
Brush High School, Lyndhurst, Ohio
Buchanan High School, Buchanan, Michigan
Bullen Junior High School, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Butler High School, Vandalia, Ohio
Butler Technology & Career Development Schools, Fairfield, Ohio
Butte High School, Butte, Montana
Campbell County High School, Alexandria, Kentucky
Cape Girardeau Central High School, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Capitan High School, Capitan, New Mexico
Carlisle High School, Carlisle, Ohio
Carolina Forest High School, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Carroll High School, Dayton, Ohio
Carroll High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Carson Middle School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Catoosa High School, Catoosa, Oklahoma
Cedarville Schools, Cedarville, Ohio
Celina Jr./Sr. High School, Celina, Ohio
Centerville City Schools, Centerville, Ohio
Centerville High School, Centerville, Ohio
Central Catholic High School, Toledo, Ohio
Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra, Lexington, Kentucky
Central Middle School, Nederland, Texas
Chaminade-Julienne High School, Dayton, Ohio
Chandler High School, Chandler, Arizona
Choteau Jr./Sr. High School, Choteau, Montana
Cincinnati Christian School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati, Ohio
Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium, Ohio
Claymont Middle School, Dennison, Ohio
Clinton-Massie High School, Clarksville, Ohio
Concord High School, Elkhart, Indiana
Concord Junior High School, Elkhart, Indiana
Copley High School, Copley, Ohio
Corona del Sol High School, Tempe, Arizona
Cordell High School, Cordell, Oklahoma
Coventry High School, Akron, Ohio
Covington Church of the Brethren Youth Group, Covington, Ohio
Cox Mill High School, Concord, North Carolina
Crestwood High School, Mantua, Ohio
Cypress Falls High School, Houston, Texas
D.C. Everest High School, Schofield, Wisconsin
Danbury High School, Danbury, Connecticut
Daniel Morgan Middle School, Winchester, Virginia
Danville High School, Danville, Illinois
Davis Middle School, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Dayton Catholic Elementary, Dayton, Ohio
Deer Park High School, Deer Park, Texas
Delaware Hayes High School, Delaware, Ohio
Delphos Jefferson High School, Delphos, Ohio
Department of Catholic Education, Buffalo, New York
Dexter High School, Dexter, New Mexico
Diocese of Salina Schools, Salina, Kansas
Dobson High School, Mesa, Arizona
Dover High School, Dover, Ohio
Dover Middle School, Dover, Ohio
Dumas High School, Dumas, Texas
Dunckel Middle School, Farmington Hills, Michigan
Durand Area High School, Durand, Michigan
Duxbury Jr./Sr. High School, Duxbury, Massachusetts
East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma
East Clinton High School, Lees Creek, Ohio
East Jackson High School, Jackson, Michigan
East Jackson Middle School, East Jackson, Michigan
East Knox High School, Howard, Ohio
East Middle School, Great Falls, Montana
East Texas State University, Commerce, Texas
Eastern Heights Junior High School, Elyria, Ohio
Eastwood Middle School, Pemberville, Ohio
Edinburg Consolidated I.S.D., Edinburg, Texas
Edison Middle School, Wheaton, Illinois
Edison Middle School, Marion, Ohio
Elko High School, Elko, Nevada
Ellet High School, Akron, Ohio
Elwood Community High School, Elwood, Indiana
Erie Central High School, Erie, Pennsylvania
Fairborn High School, Fairborn, Ohio
Fairfield High School, Fairfield, Ohio
Fairfield Intermediate School, Fairfield, Ohio
Fairfield High School, Leesburg, Ohio
Fairview Senior High School, Camden, Arkansas
Farmington High School, Farmington, Michigan
Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, Ohio
Ferguson Junior High School, Beavercreek, Ohio
Fishers High School, Fishers, Indiana
Floydada High School, Floydada, Texas
Floydada I.S.D., Floydada, Texas
Floydada Junior High School, Floydada, Texas
Flushing High School, Flushing, Michigan
Fort Recovery High School, Fort Recovery, Ohio
Fort Recovery Middle School, Fort Recovery, Ohio
Franklin High School, Franklin, Ohio
Fremont High School, Fremont, Michigan
Friendswood High School, Friendswood, Texas
Friona High School, Friona, Texas
Friona Junior High School, Friona, Texas
Gateway High School, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Germantown High School, Germantown, Wisconsin
Gettysburg Elementary School, Gettysburg, Ohio
Girl Scouts Great Rivers Council, Cincinnati, Ohio
Glen Este High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Glen Oak High School, Canton, Ohio
Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, Illinois
Goshen High School, Goshen, Ohio
Grafton High School, Yorktown, Virginia
Grant Career Center, Bethel, Ohio
Great Falls Public Schools, Great Falls, Montana
Great Oaks Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio
Greene County Career Center, Xenia, Ohio
Greeneview High School, Jamestown, Ohio
Greeneview Middle School, Jamestown, Ohio
Greenville High School, Greenville, Ohio
Greenfield Central High School, Greenfield, Indiana
Greenville City Schools, Greenville, Ohio
Gridley Middle School, Tucson, Arizona
Hammond Area Career Center, Hammond, Indiana
Harbor Creek High School, Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania
Harlandale High School, San Antonio, Texas
Harris Road Middle School, Concord, North Carolina
Harrison High School, Harrison, Ohio
Harrison Junior High School, Harrison, Ohio
Hart High School, Newhall, California
Hawley Middle School, Creedmoor, North Carolina
Henderson County High School, Henderson, Kentucky
Heritage High School, Saginaw, Michigan
Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, Ohio
Holy Family Catholic School, Dayton, Ohio
Holy Family School, LeRoy, New York
Hudson High School, Hudson, Ohio
Hughesville Jr./Sr. High School, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Irmo High School, Columbia, South Carolina
Irmo Middle School, Columbia, South Carolina
Irondale High School, New Brighton, Minnesota
Jefferson Schools, Missoula, Montana
Jefferson Forest High School, Forest, Virginia
Jobs for Graduates, Inc., Dayton, Ohio
John Handley High School, Winchester, Virginia
Jupiter High School, Jupiter, Florida
Katy High School, Katy, Texas
Kettering-Fairmont High School, Kettering, Ohio
Kell High School, Marietta, Georgia
Kempner High School, Sugar Land, Texas
Kingman High School, Kingman, Arizona
Kiski Area High School, Vandergrift, Pennsylvania
Knox County Career Center, Mount Vernon, Ohio
Lafayette High School, Lafayette, Louisiana
Lakeview High School, St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Lakota East High School, Liberty Township, Ohio
Lakota West High School, West Chester, Ohio
Langley High School, McLean, Virginia
LaSalle High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Laurel Oaks Career Development Campus, Wilmington, Ohio
Leadership Clinton, Wilmington, Ohio
Lebanon High School, Lebanon, Ohio
Lehman Catholic High School, Sidney, Ohio
Lely High School, Naples, Florida
Lemon-Monroe High School, Monroe, Ohio
Lemont Township High School, Lemont, Illinois
Lima Central Catholic High School, Lima, Ohio
Lima St. Charles School, Lima, Ohio
Louisville High School, Louisville, Ohio
Louisville Middle School, Louisville, Ohio
Loveland City Schools, Loveland, Ohio
Loveland High School, Loveland, Ohio
Loveland Hurst Middle School, Loveland, Ohio
Lubbock I.S.D., Lubbock, Texas
Lynchburg-Clay Jr./Sr. High School, Lynchburg, Ohio
Mad River Middle School, Riverside, Ohio
Madison Consolidated Jr./Sr. High School, Madison, Indiana
Madison High School, Madison, South Dakota
Magsig Middle School, Centerville, Ohio
Manor High School, Manor, Texas
Mariemont High School, Ohio
Marion Harding High School, Marion, Ohio
Marlington High School, Alliance, Ohio
Marple Newtown High School, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Mars High School, Mars, Pennsylvania
Marshfield High School, Marshfield, Massachusetts
Maumee High School, Maumee, Ohio
McAuliffe Middle School, San Antonio, Texas
McCallum High School, Austin, Texas
McDowell Intermediate HS, Erie, Pennsylvania
McEachern High School, Powder Springs, Georgia
McKinley Middle School, Portsmouth, Ohio
McNair Middle School, San Antonio, Texas
Meadowbrook High School, Byesville, Ohio
Memorial High School, Houston, Texas
Memorial Junior High School, Lyndhurst, Ohio
Memphis City Schools, Memphis, Tennessee
Mercer County Schools, Celina, Ohio
Mercer Island High School, Washington
Merrillville High School, Merrillville, Indiana
Miami Chapel Elementary, Dayton, Ohio
Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Clayton, Ohio
Miamisburg High School, Miamisburg, Ohio
Middletown High School, Middletown, Ohio
Mona Shores Junior High School, Muskegon, Michigan
Monsignor Farrell High School, Staten Island, New York
Moon Area High School, Pennsylvania
Morristown East High School, Morristown, Tennessee
Mound Elementary School, Miamisburg, Ohio
Mount Pleasant High School, Mount Pleasant, Texas
Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria, Virginia
Mountain Pointe High School, Phoenix, Arizona
Muscatine High School, Muscatine, Iowa
Nardin Academy High School, Buffalo, New York
National Trail High School, New Paris, Ohio
Nebraska Council of Youth, Columbus, Nebraska
Nelson County High School, Bardstown, Kentucky
New Canaan Country School, New Canaan, Connecticut
New Haven Middle School, New Haven, Kentucky
New Horizons APRC, Clinton, Oklahoma
New Miami High School, Hamilton, Ohio
New Miami High School, Hamilton, Ohio
New Philadelphia High School, New Philadelphia, Ohio
Newnan High School, Newnan, Georgia
Newton High School, Pleasant Hill, Ohio
Norcross High School, Norcross, Georgia
Nordson Corporation Partnership in Education Program, Amherst, Ohio
North College Hill Jr./Sr. High School, North College Hill, Ohio
North Hardin High School, Radcliff, Kentucky
North High School, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
North Lamar High School, Paris, Texas
Northmont High School, Clayton, Ohio
Northmor High School, Galion, Ohio
Northview High School, Brazil, Indiana
Northwest High School, McDermott, Ohio
Norton High School, Norton, Ohio
Notre Dame School, Clarendon, Illinois
Novi High School, Novi, Michigan
Oak Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Odebolt-Arthur High School, Odebolt, Iowa
Odebolt-Arthur Middle School, Arthur, Iowa
Old Kentucky Home Middle School, Bardstown, Kentucky
Onate High School, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Orange High School, Pepper Pike, Ohio
Oregon High School, Oregon, Wisconsin
Oregon Middle School, Medford, New York
Otsego High School, Tontogany, Ohio
Our Lady of Sorrows School, Farmington, Michigan
Our Lady Of The Rosary School, Dayton, Ohio
Paoli Jr./Sr. High School, Paoli, Indiana
Parkway Local Schools, Rockford, Ohio
Paul Harding High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Pawhuska Jr./Sr. High School, Pawhuska, Oklahoma
Paxon Hollow Middle School, Broomall, Pennsylvania
Penn Cambria High School, Cresson, Pennsylvania
Perry High School, Cridersville, Ohio
Pickerington High School, Pickerington, Ohio
Pipestone High School, Pipestone, Minnesota
Polaris Career Center, Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Pope High School, Marietta, Georgia
Portage High School, Portage, Indiana
Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, Ohio
Power Middle School, Farmington, Michigan
Radcliff Heights Middle School, Dayton, Ohio
Reading Jr./Sr. High School, Reading, Ohio
Resurrection Catholic School, Dayton, Ohio
Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey
Ripley Jr./Sr. High School, Ripley, Ohio
Rittman High School, Rittman, Ohio
River Hill High School, Clarksville, Maryland
Robstown High School, Robstone, Texas
Roger Bacon High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Roosevelt Middle School, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Rosemount High School, Rosemount, Minnesota
Roundup Jr./Sr. High School, Roundup, Montana
Royalmont Academy, Mason, Ohio
Ryle High School, Union, Kentucky
Sabino High School, Tucson, Arizona
Schuyler Colfax Middle School, Wayne, New Jersey
Seneca Valley High School, Harmony, Pennsylvania
Seneca Valley Middle School, Harmony, Pennsylvania
Shawnee High School, Lima, Ohio
Shidler High School, Shidler, Oklahoma
Shiloh Junior High School, Parma, Ohio
Shorewood High School, Shorewood, Wisconsin
Skiatook High School, Skiatook, Oklahoma
Solon High School, Solon, Ohio
South Granville High School, Creedmoor, North Carolina
South Lakes High School, Reston, Virginia
SouthBrook Christian Church Youth Group, Dayton, Ohio
Southeastern High School, South Charleston, Ohio
Southfield-Lathrup High School, Lathrup Village, Michigan
Spinning Hills Middle School, Dayton, Ohio
Springboro High School, Springboro, Ohio
Springfield/Clark County JVS, Springfield, Ohio
St. Albert the Great School, Kettering, Ohio
St. Cloud High School, St. Cloud, Florida
St. Croix Jr./Sr. High School, Solon Springs, Wisconsin
St. John Vianney High School, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Joseph School, Sylvania, Ohio
St. Luke School, Dayton, Ohio
St. Mary’s Area High School, St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania
St. Mary’s High School, St. Marys, Ohio
St. Rita High School, Chicago, Illinois
St. Ursula Villa School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Stebbins High School, Dayton, Ohio
Stillwater High School, Stillwater, Oklahoma
Strongsville High School, Strongsville, Ohio
Sweet Grass County High School, Big Timber, Montana
Sycamore Junior High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
T.R. Miller High School, Brewton, Alabama
Taft Middle School, Marion, Ohio
Talawanda High School, Oxford, Ohio
Talawanda Middle School, Oxford, Ohio
Tarkington High School, Cleveland, Texas
Taylor High School, North Bend, Ohio
Tempe High School, Tempe, Arizona
Terre Haute North High School, Terre Haute, Indiana
Terre Haute South High School, Terre Haute, Indiana
Texas City High School, Texas City, Texas
Thomas Jefferson High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Three Rivers Middle School, Cleves, Ohio
Timber Creek High School, Fort Worth, Texas
Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas
Tri-County High School, Wolcott, Indiana
Triad Jr./Sr. High School, North Lewisburg, Ohio
Trinity High School, Washington, Pennsylvania
Troy High School, Troy, Ohio
Upper Sandusky High School, Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Urbana High School, Urbana, Ohio
Valley Christian High School, San Jose, California
Valley View High School, Germantown, Ohio
Valley View Middle School, Germantown, Ohio
Van Wert Middle School, Van Wert, Ohio
Vandebilt Catholic High School, Houma, Louisiana
Vestavia Hills High School, Birmingham, Alabama
Villa Maria Academy High School, Cheektowaga, New York
Village Woods Middle School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Walt Whitman Intermediate School, Alexandria, Virginia
Walton High School, Marietta, Georgia
Wapakoneta High School, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Wapakoneta Middle School, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Warner Middle School, Farmington, Michigan
Warren Central High School, Indianapolis, Indiana
Warren County Career Center, Lebanon, Ohio
Warren Local School District, Vincent, Ohio
Warsaw Community High School, Warsaw, Indiana
Watkins Memorial High School, Pataskala, Ohio
Watts Middle School, Centerville, Ohio
West Bend High School, West Bend, Wisconsin
West Bloomfield High School, West Bloomfield, Michigan
West Jefferson High School, West Jefferson, Ohio
West Liberty-Salem Jr./Sr. High School, West Liberty, Ohio
West Orange High School, West Orange, New Jersey
Western High School, Parma, Michigan
Westerville North High School, Westerville, Ohio
Westlake High School, Westlake, Ohio
Westland High School, Galloway, Ohio
Wheaton North High School, Illinois
William S. Hart High School, Newhall, California
Williamsburg Jr./Sr. High School, Williamsburg, Ohio
Williamsport Area High School, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Williamsport Area School District, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Williamstown High School, Williamstown, Kentucky
Wilmington High School, Wilmington, Ohio
Winchester School District, Winchester, Virginia
Windsor High School, Imperial, Missouri
Withrow High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Woodward Academy, College Park, Georgia
Wynona High School, Wynona, Oklahoma
Zanesville High School, Zanesville, Ohio