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We have KICKed IT IN with
audiences from 40 to 10,800+
Inspiring participants to be self-motivated and to develop personal leadership. If you want to know What Makes Kids KICK or you want your membership to KICK IT IN and TAKE THE LEAD bring Fran Kick to your next event.

Association Convention Keynotes+Breakouts

Associations and Conventions have KICKed IT IN with Fran Kick for opening keynotes, interactive welcome programs, breakout sessions, pre-conference workshops, association leadership meetings and retreats.

Topics for presentation themes include:

  • Paying attention and responding appropriately
  • The more you put into it, the more you get out of it
  • What you put into it, is what you get out of it
  • If you’re whining, griping and complaining, having a terrible time—maybe that’s why!
  • Positive attitude vs. negative attitude—you ultimately make the difference
  • Getting involved and cooperatively contributing
  • The discipline of focus and the power of attention
  • Positively reinforcing yourself and others to make positive choices
  • Leading by example—because you can’t lead others until you lead yourself


Douglas Evans, CAE, Executive Director
Ohio Library Council
Thanks again for attending the Ohio Library Council's Board of Directors meeting. I appreciate you leading the discussion and providing guidance as to what the Board can do with the member input that was gathered from your keynote session at the OLC 2013 Convention. I believe that it will be valuable as the Board plans the organization's strategic direction for the months ahead.Doug Evans

Ronda Vaughn, Meeting Director
Optimist International Convention
Our group loved your keynote performance at our Old Timers' Breakfast!!!Optimist International

Chris Henney, President & CEO
Ohio AgriBusiness Association
Fran recently kicked off our 2014 LAUNCH (Leaders Achieving Unparalleled New Career Heights) executive leadership program and did a great job. Fran's enthusiasm and unique style of delivery was well suited for our group and got them off their feet and engaged. I recommend Fran and will look for future opportunities to use his services.Chris Henney

Janice Welsheimer, Chief Operating Officer
Wilt PR/Ohio AgriBusiness Association
Thank you again for presenting our LAUNCH class Kick-off on January 7. The group felt great about your time with them and the energy you shared in getting them started for their week. It was was so great to see you in action again and be reminded why you're so good at what you do!Janice Welsheimer

Ida Fay Winters, GPLC Coordinator
Oklahoma Literacy Conference
Your presentations were eye-opening and very interactive for us to understand how to become better learners and teachers. Unlike some ‘outside’ visitors to Oklahoma, we noticed how you attended other parts of our conference and showed interest in our concerns in adult education with the learners, tutors, and literacy staff.Ida Fay Winters

Angela Spindle, Director
Oklahoma Literacy Coalition
Coordinating conferences can be highly stressful, but working with Fran Kick was a dream. Through travel delays and conference schedule changes, Fran stayed flexible with a smile on his face!Oklahoma Literacy Coalition

David Cordts, Associate Director of Honor Societies
National Association of Secondary School Principals
I liked the sessions you did at the Indiana Association of School Principals National Honor Society Advisors Conference. The status exercise you did has much potential in many areas, even one that chapters could use with their members. I truly appreciated your ongoing references (both on stage and in the workshop) to the research on the value of student activities. Keep up the good work and it was nice to connect with you at IASP.David Cordts

Kyle Harrop, Program Director
Indiana Association of School Principals
I love seeing how effortlessly you adapt your presentations to be relevant to different audiences. It is great to see how your message can be both entertaining and full of substance.IASP

Kirk Lawson, CAE, Executive Director
Business Professionals of America
I have had the opportunity to both present Fran Kick to my membership and also work cooperatively with him as a co-presenter. His enthusiastic high energy presentations are 'real' and not contrived. His approach to self-motivation and personal leadership development is unique and effective. He works with groups but touches individuals. If you are looking for someone who will make a difference for your group and will truly care about your people, consider engaging Fran Kick, he will definitely KICK IT IN! for you.Kirk Lawson

National Middle School Association
2009 Making a World of Difference National Conference
Fun game. Enjoyed it! Loved this session! Fran was an energetic, fun presenter. Great presenter and take-away info. Excellent presentation. Kept us attentive—generated enthusiasm. This was awesome :)National Middle School Association

Richard Rejino, President
Retail Print Music Dealers Association Convention
Your session was extremely well received and I know the membership appreciated your enthusiasm, not to mention your potent message. The research you conducted on our industry gave you instant credibility. It spoke volumes of your commitment to excellence and integrity.Richard Rejino

Evelyn Renner, Program Manager
Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc.
You got rave reviews! Your presentation was well received and provided valuable information to your audience. I know now why your company has choose the name it did Fran! You lived up to your company's name! It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope we will again be able to work together on LVA's National Conference in the future.Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc.

Craig Burford, Executive Director
Ohio Educational Service Center Association Conference
It is truly a gifted speaker who is able to communicate with an audience as diverse as ours. The elder statesmen to the young entrepreneurs, males to females across generations, rural and urban personalities alike were reached through your energetic and thoughtful presentation. We were impressed by your abilities to understand our needs and be able to adapt your presentation to fit those needs while still presenting the 'big' picture of the message that we all so often need to hear—kick it in! Your presence, alone, has enabled OESCA to move forward as a more informed and learned organization and, most importantly, take a new uncharted course towards greater unity.Craig Burford

Leann Castillo, CPRP, Program Manager
Ohio Parks & Recreation Association Conference
Thank you for the incredible keynote address that you presented to our attendees! This was a great way for us to KICK off this year's Programming Our World Conference. Your opening keynote was positive, interactive, fun and of course educational!Ohio Parks & Recreation Association

Deb Lecklider, Executive Director
Indiana Principal Leadership Academy Conference
With record breaking attendance this year, we know that your presentation at the conference was valued by many. A participant from your session has been quoted as saying,'Kick It In will be beneficial for our entire staff, but it starts with me.' It is an honor to know that our participants gained useful and valuable information from your presentation.Deb Lecklider

Camille Mortimore, Ph.D.
National Catholic Educators Association Convention & Expo
His high energy, focused presentation to educators and other members of the school community had the benefit of encouraging mindfulness about being present to one's work in a way few speakers are gifted enough to accomplish. Fran's on target themes worked magic in the packed room!National Catholic Educators Association

Marlene Lund, Executive Director
Lutheran Schools Association Conference
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, sense of fun and wisdom with our teachers, staffs, and administrators at our conference on November 8th. As you know, we are still recovering from the horror of September 11th and your program helped to boost spirits while imparting some excellent classroom leadership strategies. Our group is extremely diverse and you were able to hold everyone's attention—not an easy task! The comments and feedback that I received were all positive with many of the teachers asking when you'll be back.Marlene Lund

Lim Lauffer, President
Kansas County Appraiser's Association Conference
Your ability to reach your audience, whether a group of college freshmen, or assessment professionals is incredible. I was especially impressed at how the exercises where applicable to staffs from small rural counties such as mine, and also large urban jurisdictions. Your topic held the group's attention so well and I heard different conference attendees quote several of the key phases from your presentation throughout the week. Thanks again for making me look so good! I appreciated the compliments from my peers regarding my selection of keynote speakers!Kansas County Appraiser's Association

Dan Stacy, Ohio School Improvement Institute
Ohio Department of Education
Thanks for a great presentation and the great work you do! Here's what attendees shared: Fran Kick was one of the best speakers that I have heard in a long time. Very motivational and made sense! What a great way to get it started because it was very up lifting and infused with energy. He is a very dynamic speaker and connects with the audience extremely well! Engaging and relevant.Dan Stacy

2011 Ohio Camping Conference
American Camp Association
Session could have been longer, we want Fran again. Good debriefing, lots of energy, definitely of value, very dynamic presentation, open to comments and skilled at debriefing. He knew his audience. Thank you so much for presenting at OCC! Overall comments were extremely positive—including that you were our best keynote for awhile. Kudos!American Camp Association Ohio Camping Conference

Sharon Anderson, Program Coordinator
National Chimney Sweep Guild
Thank you for speaking at the 2013 NCSG Convention in Branson, Missouri. Your presentation was great and I heard many good things from the attendees such as: Liked the activity! Great visual interaction! Excellent way of showing how perspectives are important. Have him kick off next year! This guy was excellent!!Sharon Anderson

Melanie Jatsek, RD,LD
NSA Ohio ProTrack Director
The ProTracker participants really learned a lot from you. Your down-to-earth style was very refreshing for them and they all said they felt comfortable approaching you with questions. There's no doubt that they received more than they expected. Thank you for KICKin' IT IN Fran!NSA Ohio

Anthony Tyrrell, ESL Coordinator
Oklahoma City Community College
As our keynote speaker, you made a big difference at the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition Conference. You gave us teachers all a lot to think about, and also some very clear focal points in our teaching careers. I loved the controlled pandemonium (this is what I call your pedagogical style)—anything to get the audience in and engaged with a purpose and the message.Anthony Tyrrell


Details & Setup


Group Size: As few as 40 to audiences as large as 10,800+ Fran Kick interactively inspires participants to be self-motivated and develop the personal leadership they need to succeed.

Program Length: Available for 30-, 40-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute presentations for any event as well as 3-hour (half-day) and 6-hour (full-day) workshops.

Room Setup Options

Fran’s goal at every event is to be the easiest speaker you’ve ever dealt with. His setup needs are few and because every program is different, every location is different, every audience is different, we’ll always confirm exact setup and AV requests prior to the program. There are however a few items that are typically suggested:

Auditorium/Theater: Perfect with open empty stage, well lit and house lights up—no spot lights.

Convention/Multi-Purpose Meeting Rooms: Set with chairs (ideally no tables) in a curved-row theater-style arrangement. This Audience-Centered Seating™ approach creates the most comfortable, viewable, and focused presentation possible. If the audience size will be over 400 and the room has a flat floor, a few 12–24 inch high platform risers would be suggested.

A/V Requested

Microphone: Wireless hand-held (1st choice) or wired with plenty lots of cord (2nd choice).

A/V: Large flip pad of paper on an easel with markers. NO PowerPoint® will be used!

Added A/V requests for workshops:
TV monitor or video projector with a DVD player (not a laptop)
Enough room for activities (on stage or by moving chairs)

Again, all these items are listed here simply for pre-planning purposes. Any and all AV requests will be finalized prior to the program. For an easy-to-share, PDF version of this setup information, please download and print out the following file:

Fran Kick's room set up information page with diagram Fran Kick’s room setup information page with diagram and details to download and share

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Letters of Reference

Letters of Reference

If you’re interested in reviewing a few of the many letters received from people just like you, and you have Adobe® Reader®, then simply follow the links below:

Read what others say about working with Fran Kick Association/Convention Letters of Reference

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Client List


American Camping Association Ohio Conference
Association for Middle Level Education National Conference
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities National Conferences
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities Summer Leadership Workshop
Association of College Unions International Regional Conference
Association of Student Advancement Programs District 5 Regional Conference
Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference
Business Professionals of America Regional Conference
Center for Child & Family Development, Norman, Oklahoma
Connecticut Music Educators Association Conference
Dartmouth Behavioral Health System Staff Development, Dayton, Ohio
Erie 1 BOCES, West Seneca, New York
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Cluster Meetings
Farmington Families in Action, Farmington, Michigan
Florida Junior/Community Colleges Student Government Association Conference
Florida Music Education Association Clinic-Conference
Georgia Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Fall Leadership Meeting
Golden Key International Honor Society Regional Conference
Head Start Hamilton County Inservice Conference Day, Cincinnati, Ohio
Hoosier Hospitality Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Southwest Ohio Seminar
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership World Leadership Congress
Indiana Association of School Principals
Indiana Jr./Sr. Academic Coaches Conference
Indiana Music Educators Association
Indiana National Honor Society Advisers Conference
Indiana Principal Leadership Academy Conference
International Leadership Association Annual Conference
Jobs for Graduates, Inc. Regional Leadership Conference
Jobs for Ohio Graduates Professional Development Retreats
Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. National Conference
Louisiana Department of Education Summer Institute
Lutheran Schools Association Annual Conference
The Midwest Clinic: An International Band & Orchestra Conference
Miami Valley Recreation Activities Council Summer Conference
Music for All Chapters Summit
National Association for Campus Activities East Coast Regional
National Association for Campus Activities Great Lakes Regional
National Association for Campus Activities Illiana Regional
National Association for Community Leadership
National Association for Music Education National In-Service Conference
National Association for Music Education Eastern Division Biennial Conference
National Association of School Music Dealers Convention
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Association of Student Councils National Conference
National Catholic Educational Association Convention
National Chimney Sweep Guild Annual Convention
National Council for Self-Esteem Annual Convention
National Orientation Directors Association National Conference
National Speakers Association Youth Program
Nebraska Conference of Youth
New Horizons APRC, Clinton, Oklahoma
New York Association of Training & Employment Spring Conference
New York State Conference for Administrators of Nonpublic Schools
New York State Department of Labor Spring Conference
New York State Education Department and the New York Association
of Training & Employment School-to-Work Conference
Nordson Corporation Partnership in Education Program, Amherst, Ohio
Northwest Ohio Tech Prep and HSTW/MMGW Summer Institute
Ohio AgriBusiness Association LAUNCH Executive Course Program
Ohio Association of Student Councils Annual State Conference
Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges State Conference
Ohio College Music Education Leadership Conference
Ohio DECA Fall Leadership Conference
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Educational Service Center Association Conference
Ohio Farm Bureau State Conference
Ohio High Schools That Work Conference
Ohio Library Council Convention and Expo
Ohio Music Educators Association Conference
Ohio Parks and Recreation Association
Ohio School Improvement Institute
Ohio School-to-Work Leadership Institute
Ohio Speakers Forum Leadership Retreat
Oklahoma Bandmasters Association Convention
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Oklahoma Youth Participation Conference
Optimist International Convention
Quest International Tri-State Regional User Group Conference
Region V Educational Service Center, Beaumont, Texas
Retail Print Music Dealers Association Convention
South Carolina Bandmasters Association Convention
South Carolina Music Educators Association Convention
Southeast Texas League of Middle Schools 5th Annual Teachers Conference
Texas Bandmasters Association Convention
Texas Music Education Association Conference
U.S. Department of Defense Leadership Development Association
Western New York Conference on Catholic Education
Work, Achievement, Values & Education Professionals Institute

…plus thousands of professionals across the country since 1986 who have KICKed IT IN!