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Tank Game DVD

Games That Kick: Tank Game

This highly interactive and fun game creates a serious lesson for individuals and groups. Discover the difference between “telling people what to do and “people actually doing it.”

Trust Games DVD

Games That Kick: Trust Games

This sequence of trust-building experiences represents a sensible, user-friendly, non-threatening way to help a group develop trust among its members.

Block Games DVD

Games That Kick: Block Games

This creative team-building series of activities, using wooden blocks, highlights the characteristics of teamwork and the core values needed to succeed.


Games That Kick: The Status Game

If you’re looking for a game that will really illustrate how too many times we do “judge a book by it’s cover” this is the game for you. Teamwork and leadership can be negatively impacted when status trumps substance.


Games That Kick: The 1,2,3 Game

The 1,2,3 Game brings to life the “kaizen” approach of continuous improvement. Participants learn how everyone can make an appropriate contribution accomplishing group goals.

A,B,C Game DVD

Games That Kick: The A,B,C Game

The A,B,C Game is a fantastic way to illustrate how anyone can make things happen and take the lead if they’re willing to pay attention and respond appropriately.

Looking@Leadership (Card Deck)

Looking@Leadership (Card Deck)

A card deck of 200 full-color images designed to interactively share and inspire a deeper understanding of leadership. Combined with a series of twelve activities, included in the facilitator guide, discover what represents leadership to you, your organization, and how it impacts what you do.