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Citing sources from this site

While plagiarism is considered a form of academic malpractice, “fair use” or “fair dealing” allows brief excerpts or quotations to be made for purposes of reference, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research. We simply request that you acknowledge the original source by giving us proper attribution – professionally citing the author (Fran Kick), the source ( and if appropriate the publisher (Instruction & Design Concepts).

For example, in APA Style this page would be cited:

Kick, F. (2011, July 1). KICK IT IN® Permission and Trademark Information. Retrieved [insert date] from

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Kick, Fran. “KICK IT IN® Permission and Trademark Information” KICK IT IN® with Fran Kick. 1 Jul. 2011. Web. [insert date]. <>.

If you are going to use quotes from our web site, articles or books in your own writing or speaking, please remember to cite any original source material appropriately. Everything we create is professionally sourced so that you can properly attribute who said or did what. Please don’t say “Fran Kick said…” when in reality it was 7,000 students in a nationally representative study “who said it.” Now, if you want to mention that you read about the study in one of Fran Kick’s books like What Makes Kids KICK or on his web site – cool!


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Additional Copyright and Trademark Resources

When it comes to copyright and trademark law, it’s better to ask for permission than forgiveness. Here are a number of resources and references that’ll keep you legal and provide more details and information.