Games That Kick Series of DVDs

Games That Kick

A series of full-length how-to-facilitate videos

“Our supervisors still talk about the large group exercise they participated in”

—Eileen Borchardt, Director of Training
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

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The first six videos in this series with Fran Kick and Frank Crockett cover how to set up, facilitate and most importantly debrief some of their all-time favorite experiential initiatives. Each video and PDF facilitator guide will give you an insider’s perspective to playing these games. Lessons relate to leadership, team building, trust, group dynamics, communication, cooperation, and many more. You’ll see every step of the activity. You’ll learn what to say, what to do, what to look for, and what questions to ask your group during the debrief. Explore what it takes to make learning more meaningful with Games That Kick!

A,B,C Game DVD

A,B,C Game This game illustrates the point that in any organization or situation there are some people who make things happen, some people who watch things happen, and some people who wonder what’s happening.

1,2,3 Game DVD

1,2,3 Game Bring to life the “kaizen” approach of continuous improvement with this sequence of games illustrating how individuals work together collectively and collaboratively to build synergy.

Status Game DVD

Status Game In many situations status influences both leadership and teamwork. This game highlights directly and profoundly that too many times we mistakenly “judge books by their covers.”

Block Games DVD

Block Games This creative team-building series of activities, using wooden blocks, highlights the characteristics of teamwork and explores the core values needed for a group to work well together.

Trust Games DVD

Trust Games This sequence of trust-building experiences brings a sensible, user-friendly, non-threatening, safe way to help a group understand how trust develops among its members.

Tank Game DVD

Tank Game With blindfolds and soft foam-filled balls, this highly interactive and fun game creates a serious lesson for individuals and groups as they learn the difference between “telling people what to do” and “people actually doing it.”


Christian Riso, Assistant Superintendent of Government Services
Diocese of Buffalo Catholic Schools
Individuals found themselves participating, often without knowing it, on many levels: physically, mentally, and even empathetically, dealing with the internal conflict that comes when you are led to reevaluate your previous choices.Christian Riso

National Middle School Association
2009 Making a World of Difference National Conference
Fun game. Enjoyed it! Loved this session! Fran was an energetic, fun presenter. Great presenter and take-away info. Excellent presentation. Kept us attentive—generated enthusiasm. This was awesome :)National Middle School Association

Lisa–Ann Powe
Regional Corporate Trainer, Liberty Savings Bank
Excellent! Love this game. Really exemplifies organizations today with great ‘I can identify with that’ kind of points.Lisa-Ann Powe

Eileen Borchardt, Director of Training
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Our supervisors still talk about the large group exercise they participated in: building the United States without speaking a single word! When I ask them what the purpose was, they can still tell me it was about internal drive and 'putting more into it to get more out of it.'Eileen Borchardt



Title: Games That Kick
Author: Fran Kick
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Instruction & Design Concepts
Language: English
Length: 45-60 minutes each, plus PDF facilitator guides
Format: DVD NTSC All Region

NTSC All Region DVD



Fran Kick and Frank CrockettFran Kick and Frank Crockett together have been collaboratively leading interactive experiential programming since 1994. With groups as small as 14 to as large as 4,000 Fran and Frank have created engaging teambuilding leadership experiences for youth and adults at educational, corporate, association and conference events.



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