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Research Projects

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Find out What’s KICKin’ with kids today and the many people who work with them, reach them, teach them and parent them. Fran Kick has been sharing a few quotes, a few laughs, a few ideas, a few times a year since 1986. Parents, educators, employers, everyone and anyone who interacts with today’s postmodern generation of youth (born 1980-2000 a.k.a. the Millennial Generation) will find Fran’s insight refreshingly down-to-earth.

Read Fran Kick’s blog What’s KICKin’ and find out What’s KICKin’ with kids today and the many people who work with them

Research and References

Over the years Instruction & Design Concepts has been both involved with and referenced many ongoing research projects. So many people casually use terms such as “research, surveys, studies, polls, statistics, facts, data, theory” and the like when describing kids. And when they do, rarely are their original sources cited.

In an attempt to highlight sources with proper attribution ñ professionally citing the author, the source and if appropriate the publisher or producer of the “research” here’s a list of research projects and resources that anyone who works with kids will find of interest:

Adolescence Directory On-line

American FactFinder by the U.S. Census Bureau

Association for Childhood Education International


Child Trends

Child Trends Data Bank

Children, Youth and Families Education Research Network


The Future of Children

Kids Count

Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of America’s Youth

Search Institute

Self-Determination Theory (SDT)