Choices & Challenges Conference

Cincinnati State event that really KICKs IT IN!

Choices & Challenges Student Conference

Every year since 1999, Fran Kick has helped KICK-off this unique collaborative event with 8th-10th grade students from across the Cincinnati Metropolitan Region. The program brings students on campus to experience a series of different hands-on sessions with college faculty. Areas such as Business Technologies, Innovative Technologies, Health and Public Safety, Humanities, Sciences, are represented. Fran sets the tone for the entire day and mixes the students with a developmentally appropriate networking activity. Messages include paying attention, responding appropriately to the opportunities available, as well as putting more into what you do and how you do it.

Chuck Hatcher, Admission Representative
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
He's probably the best engager out there especially of high school kids I've ever seen. Fran engages a group. He gets them involved and they don't even know it. Motivators are a dime a dozen. He's an involver!Chuck Hatcher

Student Participant
Choices & Challenges Conference
It was very proactive. Messages were about having me be in control of my own actions and not let people make decisions for me. You were engaged in it. You're not just sitting there. It was funny and got everyone laughing.Choices & Challenges Conference Student

Ann Jordan, Career Development Manager
Great Oaks Career Campuses, Cincinnati, Ohio
The evaluations are always spectacular. Fran seems to always get to the hearts of the kids.Ann Jordan

Kim Homer, Guidance Counselor
Madeira High School
Every year I ask the kids is it worth our time and money to bring a group of kids down for this experience. And they always tell me YES! The year they tell me no, is the year I don't come. And so every year that I have brought them they've said it's worth while, and it's worth their time and energy, so they come. And it's really been good for them.Kim Homer