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Back-to-school wars in America

As teachers go back to school, doing what some would consider “hero’s work” at times in many of our nations schools, a thoughtful article ties together the School Wars in America (over how best to “fix our schools”). Good Magazine offers its education issue detailing the fight over public education and asking if anyone is really winning as we strive to leave no child behind.

“It’s easy to shake your head at the oft-repeated statistics about how many kids don’t know what a verb is, or can’t find the United States on a map. But in our fear about what will happen if every child doesn’t know the quadratic formula by heart, we’ve created a far more damning problem: We’ve taken all the fun out of learning.”

The article articulates that while politicians, billionaires and many educational mavericks all want to “fix public schools” – they really won’t! The answer he says (surprise, surprise, surprise) is parents. Hmmm, wonder why he didn’t mention teachers?

  • By Fran Kick
  • |August 28, 2008
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