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KICKin’ IT IN a world that’s KICKin’ your…
Getting more done in less time with more fun!
(1220 words)

If you think the world keeps spinning faster and faster – this article is for you. Sharing eight strategies to keep in mind so you can “Git-R-Done” and have more fun KICKin’ IT IN!

Developing the Self-Motivation to KICK IT IN
When you’re tired of the carrot and stick approach
(1417 words)

Originally written for teachers, this article has implications for anyone working with students. Coaches, parents and anyone who teaches kids will learn to tap into and enhance the internal drive everyone has to KICK IT IN!

Developing Leadership to Make Things Happen.
Different types of people = Different types of leaders
(602 words)

Discover how increasing your level of awareness will open up opportunities for you to make things happen and KICK IT IN! Are you going to lead, follow, or get out of the way?

Loretta’s Linen Closet
Getting what you want or wanting what you get
(373 words)

A lesson in accommodating what we have vs. blaming circumstances and comlaining about what we don’t.

Learning on the Ladder of Life
Don’t get hung up on the rungs!
(699 words)

The educational world isn’t intended as an academic obstacle course. Life is a ladder, a process, with many rungs along the way. Just keep reaching for your next rung.

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